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Here is how to change your character’s appearance in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This includes clothing you own as well as your eyes, hair color and more.

Left on the directional pad is the key

Out of all the available shortcuts in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, use left on the directional pad to customize your appearance. To begin, it will show you every piece of clothing you own, starting with your seasonal school uniforms (tops and bottoms). After that, it shows other clothing you own, each in its own category, like previous generations of Pokémon.

However, as shown at the top right of the screen, the plus button allows you to change your look.

Pokémon Scarlet Violet look
The looks screen in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. | Provided by Michael Czar.

This includes the things from your original character creation; things like hair color, eyes, and much more. The game makes sure whatever you do on either clothing or look will save if you swap choosing to customize between the two.

For clothing, you add more to choose from by buying more

Going to the appearance screen to start your time in Paldea, there will only be a couple of clothing items to choose from. A pair of glasses, different seasonal uniforms, and that’s about all. To get more to choose from and customize your trainer’s appearance more, you’ll have to go to one of the many stores in Paldea and buy your own clothing.

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