How to catch Beegarde before it explodes in Palworld
How to catch Beegarde before it explodes in Palworld
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How to catch Beegarde before it explodes in Palworld

The bee Pal is not an easy capture

When it comes to catching Pals in Palworld, some of them are incredibly difficult to catch, even if you have a Giga or Hyper Sphere at your disposal. However, Beegarde is hard to catch for an entirely different reason than a low capture rate in Palworld.

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Beegarde is always found in packs and serves their queen, Elizabee. They can be found at around level 20 in the early-mid game of Palworld and start to aggressively attack you if you harm them first. While it might seem like Beegarde is a normal Pal you can catch once you lower its health, you soon discover that the Pal has a move where it explodes, killing itself and damaging anything near.

As a result, Beegarde has been one of the more difficult Pals for players to add to their Paldeck. In this guide, I’ll show you all of the ways Beegarde can be captured in Palworld.

Catching Beegarde in Palworld

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First and foremost, if you have some more advanced Pal Spheres at your disposal, I recommend throwing those at Beegarde early during your encounter with one. While its capture rate is low, this keeps Beegarde alive so you can try to defeat any other Beegarde that is also attacking you. You might get lucky with this method, as I was able to catch a Beegarde after only damaging it a couple of times. My initial capture rate was only around 2% with a Mega Sphere, but it worked.

However, in the more likely chance you don’t get lucky, your next best capture method is to stun Beegarde. You’ll know when Beegarde or any other Pal is stunned if it stops attacking for a few seconds. This can be done a couple of ways in Palworld; the first and easiest way of stunning a Pal is using one of your weapons. I found the Three Shot Bow is great at stunning Pals, as you only need to hit a few shots for them to get stunned.

When you stun Beegarde, it won’t do its explosion attack and has a slightly higher capture rate during this time. You can also use the Stun Baton weapon, which is unlocked via the Technology menu and crafted at a Weapon Workbench. The Stun Baton drastically increases a Pal’s capture rate if you hit them with it enough times.

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No matter how you stun Beegarde, you need to throw Mega, Giga or Hyper Spheres at it as often as possible during this time. Your capture rate will never be higher and Beegarde won’t be able to explode and kill itself. Even after it’s stunned, just keep throwing spheres at it so it can’t explode and hopefully, you’ll get lucky before you run out.

Beegarde’s location in Palworld

If you need to know where to find Beegarde, the Pal is located northwest of the Rayne Syndicate Tower. You can see where to find plenty of them in the screenshot below.

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Beegarde is also found north of that location as well, so just keep looking around there and you’ll soon stumble onto the pack of Pals. You can also fight the Alpha Elizabee south of the Astral Mountains to find several Beegarde protecting the Alpha.

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