How to beat Alpha Jetragon in Palworld and all rewards
How to beat Alpha Jetragon in Palworld and all rewards
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How to beat Alpha Jetragon in Palworld and all rewards

The best Pal in the entire game

There is no better Pal you can catch in Palworld than Alpha Jetragon. Sure, you might be able to breed a stronger Pal with better traits, but it all starts with catching that first Alpha.

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Alpha Jetragon has over 10,000 HP, several devastating attacks, and flies at a speed that makes it difficult for you to keep it in your sights. It also takes virtually no damage from your weapons unless you’re using a Rocket Launcher or have your custom game settings adjusted. All of this is to say that you might need some help when fighting Alpha Jetragon, and I’m here to provide some of that help. The guide below shows you the best ways to defeat the Alpha and all of the possible rewards you can earn from doing so.

Defeating Alpha Jetragon in Palworld

First and foremost, you’ll need to be level 50 with all level 50 Pals if you want any prayer of defeating Alpha Jetragon. Anything less and Jetragon will mow down your team in a matter of minutes.

Next, you also want to ensure you’re bringing the right Pals along for the job. Jetragon is a pure Dragon-type, meaning it’s only weak to Ice-type attacks and deals super-effective damage to Dark-types. However, Alpha Jetragon also knows strong Fire-type moves, so you don’t want to choose Grass-type Pals. Fire-type attacks are also strong against Ice-types, but you need those to deal damage.

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I suggest using a catch-and-release strategy, which means you return your Pals to their sphere when you see Alpha Jetragon is about to use an attack. Then, once the attack is over, send the Pal back out to deal damage. This preserves your Pals’ HP, which is critical for the entire fight.

As for yourself, I strongly recommend ensuring you have Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor, Hyper Shield, an Assault Rifle, Pump Action Shotgun, and maybe a Rocket Launcher equipped. You’ll need all of the top gear in Palworld to survive the entire encounter with Alpha Jetragon.

When it comes to dealing damage to the Alpha, you want to stay as far away from it as possible unless you’re using a close-range weapon. If you need to get up close, you’ll need to be diligent with your camera, as you’ll likely be spinning it around trying to keep up with Jetragon as it flies around the battle area. I also advise dodging above attacking, as you don’t want to lose your HP too quickly.

Finally, when Alpha Jetragon is ready to be captured, only use Legendary Spheres. Ultra Spheres have an abysmal capture rate while Legendary Spheres have roughly a 25% capture rate.

Alpha Jetragon rewards

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If you manage to kill or capture Alpha Jetragon, here are all the possible rewards you can get from it:

The Legendary Rocket Launcher Schematic is the big prize, but it’s an incredibly rare drop, so you’ll likely have to defeat Alpha Jetragon several times before getting your hands on that.

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