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If there was one aspect of Hogwarts Legacy that is not lacking, it’s the number of main and side quests that players can go on.

There is a plethora of different content that players have available to them in the Wizarding World, ranging from finding collectibles to going on dangerous missions with a companion at your side. While players will explore all of this content at their own leisure, some are curious as to exactly how many quests there are. More specifically, players want to know how many side quests are available in Hogwarts Legacy.

Side quests are a major aspect of any open world game. They provide a break from the main story and allow players to see more of the map, meet new characters, and unlock content that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible. While players usually want a solid amount of side content, there’s also a point where some developers fill a game with too much of it.

Side quests in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy side quests
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In total, there are 57 side quests in Hogwarts Legacy. This is in addition to the 42 main story quests that the game has.

The 57 side quests become available as you play through the game, with some not becoming available until the later stages of the main story. You can find them spread out across the map, but most of them will come from in and around Hogwarts itself. Whether it’s a quest for another student or a professor needing help, if you’re bored with the main story, just wander through the castle and you’re bound to find some kind of side content.

We should also clarify that the assignments in Hogwarts Legacy don’t count toward the 57 side quests. Those are in their own category. Players can complete Assignments, of which there are 11, to unlock new spells for their character. Avada Kedavra, the killing curse, is not one of those spells, however, as that’s unlocked through one of the side quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

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