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Dead Island 2 has taken more of a single-player approach to its campaign than its predecessor, the original Dead Island that was released in 2011. While there are still plenty of zombies to kill, weapons to upgrade, and characters to meet, players will experience a stronger narrative than they might be expecting. As a result, the developers have included a sizable number of main story quests, side quests, and other challenges in Dead Island 2.

Naturally, these quests will determine how long players will spend in Dead Island 2 and what their final playtime will be. While there is a rough playtime that most players will experience, some in the community might want to know exactly what they’re in for in terms of overall content. Below, you can see all of the quests that you will have access to in Dead Island 2.

Total number of Dead Island 2 quests

There are four different quest categories that Dead Island 2 uses: Story Quests, Side Quests, Lost and Found, and Challenges. The first two types of quests are relatively self-explanatory. The Lost and Found category are small challenges in Dead Island 2 that require players to solve small mysteries, per se, throughout Hell-A. Finally, the Challenges category basically keeps track of everything you do in Dead Island 2 and lets you know when you’ve completed one of the in-game challenges related to this tracking. For example, if you kill a certain number of zombies, you will complete a challenge.

Below, you can see the exact numbers for the Story Quests, Side Quests, Lost and Found, and Challenges.

  • Story Quests – 24 Total Quests
  • Side Quests – 33 Total Quests
  • Lost and Found – 15 Total Challenges
  • Challenges – 84 Total Challenges
Dead Island 2 Quests
The total quest number in Dead Island 2. | Provided by Dambuster Studios

In total, there are 57 standard missions between the main story and side content and 99 different challenges that players can complete during their time in Dead Island 2. These are solid numbers in terms of overall content, and I can confirm that many of the quests are quite different from one another. Side Quests will have you killing zombies for an influencer or solving complicated puzzles while the Story Quests remain interesting throughout the game. On the other hand, Lost and Found quests, like The Clean and Snatch, are highly complicated and can make players feel like true detectives.

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