How many people play Pokémon GO? Current player count
Pokémon GO player count
Provided by Niantic

How many people play Pokémon GO? Current player count

The allure of catching Pokémon has not worn off

Despite being nearly seven years old at this point, Pokémon GO has remained one of the top games in the world. The developers at Niantic have done a stellar job at keeping players hooked on the game by adding new Pokémon to catch and a flurry of events each month. It appears the desire to catch more Pokémon and defeat Gyms and Bosses has yet to diminish for players around the world. But how has Pokémon GO done at keeping/increasing its player count over the years?

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Player count is a metric that many video game fans use to judge whether or not a game is successful. This primarily applies to multiplayer games, but can also be an important factor in single-player games as well. Since Pokémon GO is a mixture of the two, layers are still curious whether or not the game has been losing or gaining players in 2023.

Below, you can see a rough estimate of the current player count for Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Current player count

Pokémon GO
Provided by Niantic

Unfortunately, since Pokémon GO is a mobile game, there is no concrete way of tracking the exact number of players currently in the game. Niantic does not often release player count metrics either, so we have to use third-party websites to determine how many players are playing Pokémon GO.

The website that most players have relied on to see GO’s player count is called This website provides estimates of the average daily and monthly player counts in certain video games. It’s worth noting that players shouldn’t take this website’s data as fact, but the estimates have proven to be reliable when it comes to other titles.

For Pokémon GO, the website states that the month of January 2023 saw a monthly average of over 78 million players. That’s followed up by a daily average of around nine million players. Compared to other months, this is right on par with what we’ve come to expect from Pokémon GO in terms of overall player count. The game has kept this general player count for over two years, meaning that the same players make up a majority of its main player base.

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