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The Halo Infinite team has addressed the multiplayer Battle Pass XP issues, challenges that didn’t complete and are offering more XP to players. One of the major criticisms of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, so far, has been the Battle Pass, specifically how slow it is to progress on it without purchasing it. The Halo team acknowledged those issues and offered some solutions as well as bug fixes.

Free-to-play level progression

The launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode came as an early way to play the full game, which releases on Dec. 8. To start, the Halo Infinite team is clear that this current multiplayer mode is an open beta, free to play for anyone. However, there are problems that will need to be fixed for the full game’s release. This XP problem is the most apparent one so far.

For players who do not buy the Battle Pass, progressing and leveling up takes a long time. Small quests to gain experience, such as playing three games or killing enemies using a specific gun, take a couple of games to finish and only reward about a tenth or a quarter of the experience needed to get a level up. Plus, these are only the first levels in the pass itself, so reaching the later levels would take a lot of hours of gameplay to get to.

The proposed fixes to the XP grind

Now, the Halo Infinite multiplayer team has changed the system slightly to reward more XP to players. Firstly, players now gain XP just from completing games. On top of that, new challenges with easier requirements are in the game. The best example of this is the Play 1 Game challenge, rewarding 50 XP. Another noticeable change is the adaptation of challenges for players of all skill levels. This means that Level 1 players will get easier challenges to complete than Level 5 or 10 players.

Halo Infinite helmet
The Halo Infinite helmet. | Screenshot provided by Michael Czarnowski

Another change involves the XP Boosts, which have been updated to last an hour instead of just thirty minutes. According to the team, the daily and weekly reward challenges will change. But, as compensation for these XP problems, any player who signs in to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode during Nov. 23-30 will get an Ultimate Reward: the Sigil Mark VII Visor.