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The Fortnite Team shared details Thursday about online competition in Chapter 3 Season 4, which begins on September 18. This season will introduce a new format known as Fortnite Divisional Cups as the primary competitive mode.

In Fortnite Divisional Cups, Duos will compete in one of three divisions: Contender, Challenger or Elite. Initial placements will be determined through the Placement Cup on September 24, which players can only enter if they have earned the Contender rank in Battle Royale Arena.

The Placement Cup will include two rounds of Battle Royale Arena Duos. During the first round, 1,400 pairs in each region will advance to the next round. Then, the top 200 teams in the second round will earn a spot in the Elite division. Meanwhile, the next 1,000 best-performing teams will secure a spot in the Challenger division.

Duos who don’t enter the Placement Cup can still start out in the Contender division, as long as they have reached Contender in Battle Royale Arena. While players can climb to higher divisions over the course of the season, they will never fall to a lower division. There will be two days of online Duos competition per week, with competitors in the Elite division having the chance to play for cash prizes during the Elite Cup Weekly Final every Saturday.

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For regions outside of Europe and North America East, the top 40 teams in the Elite Cup Weekly Final will earn prizes. Over the course of the seven-week Fortnite Divisional Cups format, a set number of Duos in each region will advance to a higher division every week. Here’s an overview of the weekly progression schedule:

  • Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Brazil and NA West
    • 50 teams move from Contender to Challenger
    • 10 teams move from Challenger to Elite
  • NA East
    • 100 teams move from Contender to Challenger
    • 20 teams move from Challenger to Elite
  • Europe
    • 150 teams move from Contender to Challenger
    • 30 teams move from Challenger to Elite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 will also feature a number of other competitive offerings. There will be semiweekly Zero Build Duos Quick Cups, along with a Zero Build Squads Cash Cup every Saturday. While Epic Games is still resolving issues with Late Game, it is slated to return with Arena, Quick Cups and Cash Cups later in the season.

Players will also get the chance to compete on Creator-Made Islands, while North American students can play in Collegiate Cups. While there will not be an online Fortnite Champion Series event this season, the FNCS Invitational 2022 will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina, in November.

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