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The NBA is kicking off its NBA 2K Players Tournament featuring all-star players such as Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, and more. It’s the first of its kind to include various stars as they compete in a single-elimination player-only game. Additionally, players will compete for $100K for their charity of choice — and the title of NBA 2K20 Players Champion.

Sixteen of the best players in the league will join in on a completely online Xbox One match. The competition begins today, April 3, and continue on through April 12. The tournament will be live on ESPN or ESPN2, as well as the NBA website. This effort to turn the traditional sports channel into an esports watch party is the result of COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, all traditional sporting events and games underwent delays or complete cancellations. This is the NBA’s way of telling fans they can still view their favorites on TV, just in a different setting.


Each player will choose from eight teams, and if a mirror match is set, the away team will receive first choice. Rounds one and two are going to be single elimination. Semifinals and finals will have a best of three. The games will feature top seeds Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks. The top seeds are based on NBA 2K rating as well as NBA tenure.

Kicking it off with top players

The first round of the NBA 2K Players Tournament will include Kevin Durant vs. Derrick Jones Jr, Zach Lavine Vs. Deandre Ayden, and more. The first game will include their own pre-selected team.

NBA fans everywhere are excited to watch the NBA 2K Players Tournament unfold. Esports have the advantage to move forward and create an alternate route for traditional sports, especially during these difficult times. Fans are already placing bets and disputing on who’s going to win the first rounds. Stick with Daily Esports for more updates on the upcoming matches and their results.

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