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The recent wave of Twitch bans has apparently hit FaZe Clan’s John “Cizzord” Cizek. Over the course of the past couple of months, Twitch has seen more bans than ever before. While there are the standard suspensions for misconduct, most of the streamers are unable to go live due to DMCA violations. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act takes drastic measures to ensure that licensed music isn’t being used without express permission from record companies.

Of course, most streamers listened to their favorite music live on stream before the DMCA started taking action. As a result, broadcasters were forced to delete old clips and VODs that might contain licensed music. However, even with this, some streamers are still being banned. It appears Cizzorz might be the latest big-name personality to receive a ban on Twitch.

Cizzorz’s reason for Twitch ban still unknown

As of the time of writing, the exact reason behind Cizzorz’s Twitch ban isn’t clear. While many fans are attributing the ban to DMCA violations, there’s still some mystery around it. The same thing happened to popular Rocket League pro player and streamer Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda last week.

Eventually, Twitch determined that Squishy had some old clips containing licensed music. The streamer quickly resolved that and Twitch reversed the ban within the day. It stands to reason that Cizzorz’s situation could play out similarly. However, the FaZe Clan member still hasn’t said anything about the ban.

faze clan cizzorz banned on twitch
Image via FaZe

This is the first time that Twitch banned the popular content creator. Mostly known for his Fortnite and Minecraft content, Cizzorz also dabbles in Rocket League and Call of Duty from time to time. Unless the ban is for something more serious, we should see the situation resolved fairly soon.

We’ll continue to update this story with any new information here at Daily Esports.