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Fall Guys has done more than entice gamers—it seems to have also taken over Twitch. The battle royale game developed by London-based company Mediatonic has gained online popularity in a very short amount of time. To everyone’s surprise, it tops League of Legends as the most-watched game of the year so far. What makes this game so popular? It could be the overall design, the “generally favorable reviews,” or something else.

Views are skyrocketing as plenty of streamers jump into the trend of playing this highly successful platformer. It’s only been a few weeks since it’s release, and the game already has over 17.6 million players on both PlayStation 4 and Steam. This party game isn’t going anywhere, and its E-rating makes everyone want to join in and play.

Since Fall Guys‘ release on August 4, its viewership and sales numbers have surpassed all expectations. So much so, that it’s dethroned League of Legends as Twitch’s most-streamed game. The number of content creators and streaming personalities that play this game may be one major factor in it’s rising numbers.

Twitch streamers join in on the Fall Guys fun

Internet personalities and teams such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, G2 Esports, and more have joined in on the Fall Guys trend. With bidding wars and charity streams, there’s no stopping the gaming momentum. Popular Twitch streamer Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar recently achieved his first victory in the game, something his followers didn’t expect him to do. With over one million unique viewers, he received a big shout out from the official Fall Guys account, along with hearty congratulations from his friends. Not only did he win the game, but he even won 5,665 subscribers over the seven-hour stream.

The game has also pushed League of Legends to the side and kicked it while it was down. Through a playfully sarcastic tweet, Fall Guys poked fun on it’s newest achievement. To which the official League Twitter account responded: “Good luck on the journey ahead!” League of Legends trudges shortly behind Fall Guys with 171 thousand views, while Fall Guys reached 174 thousand just for this month alone.

As Fall Guys continues to overtake the gaming community, do you think this fame will last? Let us know what you think over at the Daily Esports Forums, and tell us about your highest scores in the game.

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