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The first platinum tournament of the 2022 Smash World Tour will take place this weekend in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Ultra Hard Tournament will also be the most valuable Super Smash Bros. event of the year for South America.

Smash World Tour platinum events dish out points to the top 128 players. With 147 players currently registered for Ultimate Singles and a mere 24 for Melee Singles, almost every player at the event will compete for a large amount of points. Here’s everything to know about Brazil’s upcoming Smash major.

Ultra Hard Tournament schedule

Ultra Arcade will host this event in conjunction with Try Hard Smash, Fusion e-Sports and Kombat Klub. The tournament will begin with Doubles and Squad Strike side brackets for Smash Ultimate. Both of these brackets will take place on Friday.

Players will compete in pools for the Ultimate Singles bracket beginning on Saturday. That bracket will conclude with top eight on Sunday. Meanwhile, the entire Melee bracket at Ultra Hard Tournament will happen on Saturday.

In addition to the Smash brackets, attendees will be able to compete in a number of fighting games. These include Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear: Strive, Mortal Kombat 11, The King of Fighters XV, Tekken 7 and BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Players to watch

Griffin “Fatality” Miller is the only Ultimate player from the United States currently registered to attend Ultra Hard Tournament. He would also be the favorite to win. However, a positive COVID-19 test may prevent him from making the trip to Brazil.

If Fatality cannot attend, then top players from all across South America will vie for a valuable first-place finish. Potential frontrunners include Peru’s Alejandro “Poyo” Manuel Reyes, Argentina’s Santiago “ZanT” Gonzalez Aguilar and Colombia’s Joseph “jjcat00” Velez, as well as the local hero, Brazil’s Paulo “Player 7” Janini Ferreira.

For the Melee bracket, Chile’s Gianluca “Raikin” Carboni will be the player to beat. He is currently ranked second in South America and boasts wins over players like Noah “MegaXmas” Mendelsohn, Claire “essy” Daughtery and Michael “Nut” Silver.

However, Raikin will have to fend off Smash veteran Christian “Amida” Durham, a Kentucky native who has been competing since 2013 and boasts top 64 finishes at multiple majors.

Editor’s note (3/28/22): An earlier version of this story referred to the location of the event as Prado, which is a neighborhood and not the city. The story has been updated to reflect the most accurate location.

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