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Easiest ways to get food and fix hunger in Palworld

You're going to get hungry in Palworld, and if you don't know how to get some grub, you'll starve. Here's how to get food in Palworld.

Roaming the open world and capturing Pals is hungry work, and you’ll need to keep your stomach full if you want to keep adventuring. Here are the easiest ways to get food in Palworld.

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Of course, it’s not just you with an appetite in Palworld, as any Pals you capture will also need to be fed if you want to make the most of their skills. That’s why food is so important, but the game isn’t super clear on how you can get your hands on some.

How to get food in Palworld

There are a couple of easy ways to get food in Palworld. You can either be a hunter or a scavenger, and both work fairly well.

Red Berries and Mushrooms

If you would rather not hack a Pal to death, then scavenging for Red Berries and Mushrooms is the way to go in the early stages of the game. Both grow in the overworld, and can be found randomly as you adventure.

Simply walk over to them when you see them and interact. They will then be added to your inventory for you to munch on as you need to.

A red-haired Palworld character hold a stone pickaxe in front of a red berry bush.
Red Berries are an easy way to fill up. Screenshot via Upcomer


If berries and mushrooms don’t sound like your kind of meal, you can also kill Pals to get their meat. Early on, Chikipis and Lamballs are in abundance and aren’t too tasking to defeat.

Use your firsts or craft a weapon, and just start swinging on them. Eventually, you’ll take them down, and be rewarded with some meat that you can eat.

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Don’t they look tasty? Yum. Image via Pocket Pair

What is the timer on food in Palworld?

One confusing aspect about food in Palworld is that if you look at it in your inventory, it’ll have a timer on it. The game doesn’t explain what this means, but essentially, it’s a countdown that dictates how long you have to use it.

So, if you kill a Lamball and pick up its meat, you’ll see a five-minute timer. That means you have just five minutes to eat it, or else it’ll disappear from your inventory. This means you can’t stock up on food and horde it, but have to be proactive about getting something to eat as and when you need it.

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