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A red-hair Palworld character, holding a stone pickaxe, standing over Paldium Ore.
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Easiest ways to get Paldium Fragments in Palworld

Paldium Fragments are one of the most important early-game resources in Palworld, and here are the easiest ways to find them.

Palworld is all about capturing the cute and interesting creatures roaming around the world, but to do that, you’re going to need to get your hands on Paldium Fragments.

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Over 100 little creatures are running around Palworld, just ready for you to capture and make your own. If you want to do so, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the Paldium Fragments resource. While it isn’t too hard to come by, the game doesn’t explain how to get it.

How to get Paldium Fragments in Palworld

The easiest ways to get Paldium Fragments in Palworld is by breaking Paldium Ore nodes, or by mining stone.

Paldium Ore nodes

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest, and most bountiful way to get Paldium Fragments, then your best bet is to keep an eye out for lumps of Paldium which can be found scattered across the world.

Specifically, you’re looking for a blue stone, usually sitting out by itself in the world. Walk over to it, and start punching it. If I were you though, I would pick up some stone and some wood and craft a Stone Pickaxe at the Workbench, as it increases the amount of Paldium Fragments you’ll get from each node. This is definitely the easiest way I found to get Paldium Fragments.

A red-haired Palworld character, carrying a Stone Pickaxe, looking at a node of Paldium Ore.
You’re looking for stones with a light blue tint to them. Screenshot via Upcomer

Mining Stone

You can also acquire Paldium Fragments from mining stones. This isn’t a guarantee though, and the amount of Paldium Fragments is a lot lower than it is with the actual ore.

Still, if you need stone for crafting, you may notice that one or two Fragments pop up in your inventory as a nice treat. I wouldn’t recommend making this your only hope for finding them though.

What are Paldium Fragments used for?

Paldium Fragments are very useful in the early game, as several of the base items that you need to craft require them.

Most importantly, Pal Spheres need Paldium Fragments. These are, in essence, your Pokeballs. Throw them at a weakened Pals, and you can capture them for yourself.

Elsewhere, things like the Palbox, which is how you manage the Pals you’ve caught, and the Common Shield also use Paldium Fragments in their crafting recipes.

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