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With the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta beginning this week, fans are beginning to ask questions associated with it. Some of those questions were answered by Activision earlier today. Players found out when they can begin pre-loading the beta on PlayStation as well as what rewards they can unlock through playing. However, one popular question that has lingered is over whether or not beta progress will carry over to the main game when it launches on Oct. 28.

This is a question that gets asked every year with the betas in Call of Duty. Fans want to know if the progress they make during this early access period will be fully worth it. While the answer to this question has been no the past several years, fans are wondering if this year is any different. We answer that pertinent question below.

Modern Warfare 2 beta progress

Unfortunately, this year is no different in terms of beta progress carrying over to the full release. Players will not be able to retain their leveling progress, gunsmith and weapon unlocks, etc. when MW2 fully launches in October. This means that every player will start with a clean slate in multiplayer on Oct. 28.

However, the only exception to this rule is the beta rewards that players can earn. Any reward that players earn from playing the beta, which we discussed in a previous article, will be retained at launch. So, for example, if players reach the level cap of 30 in the beta and unlock the “Frontal Impact” weapon blueprint, that will be available to use right away when players start playing multiplayer in October.

Activision chooses to have players not carry over their progress to simply ensure that every player begins on a level playing field. However, players who play the beta will start Modern Warfare 2 with an advantage since they’ll know how the guns work, maps play, and other mechanics behave. Of course, developer Infinity Ward will likely change some elements of the game between the beta and full launch in addition to delivering more content than what’s seen in the beta. So there will still be surprises in store for everyone when Oct. 28 arrives.

We’ll see our first look at MW2 multiplayer this Thursday at Call of Duty Next. The PlayStation closed beta follows that on Friday, Sept. 16.

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