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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is nearly upon us and Bungie shared some last-minute information in a 13-minute-long ViDoc, including campaign details, weapon crafting and more.

For the first time, players will be able to craft their own weapons: a mechanic that introduces the Glaive, a melee/range hybrid first-person weapon. This weapon can only be crafted with the new feature when the expansion launches on Feb. 22.


Bungie dived a little deeper into the upcoming campaign of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and called it “the beginning of the end of the Light and Darkness saga.” According to the recently Sony-acquired studio, it is the most ambitious campaign they have done in a long time and questions what it means to be a Guardian. Players will get to become a “psychic detective” to “solve the mysteries of the Throneworld,” the ViDoc revealed.

With seeds planted all the way back in the first game, The Witch Queen campaign will pay off some of those story beats, according to Bungie’s ViDoc. Of course, what that means remains to be seen. But, Savathûn, the expansion’s big bad, will make the players work for it in her creepy Throneworld.

Extra challenging content is also coming to Destiny 2 for the first time with Legendary mode, which offers a more difficult challenge based on how many players are in a party.

Void subclasses

Bungie also briefly touched upon the new subclasses for Titan and Warlock, but omitted information about the Hunter. The Bastion subclass for the Titan lets players slam their shield into the ground that provides overshield to their allies. Meanwhile, the Warlock summons a small, sentient black hole to assist players in battle. No footage for the Hunter’s new void subclass was shown in the ViDoc, much to the chagrin of the community on social media. However, Bungie Community Manager Cozmo mentioned on reddit that Bungie still has more information to share and that Hunters should not worry just yet.

According to Bungie, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen offers more Destiny this year than any other year before. The word “ambitious” was used several times in the ViDoc, so fans of the sci-fi shooter can look forward to a large quantity of content on Feb. 22 when the expansion launches.

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