Cloud9 win Day 6 of NA ALGS Split 2 with 69 points
Cloud9 win NA ALGS Split 2 Day 6 with 69 points
Cloud9 win NA ALGS Split 2 Day 6 with 69 points | Provided by ALGS

Cloud9 win Day 6 of NA ALGS Split 2 with 69 points


On Sunday, Groups A and C of the North American Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 faced off to see who would take home another day’s worth of ALGS placement points. Ultimately, Cloud9 came away the day’s victor with 69 points. Though not quite a match for NRG’s 86 points of Day 5, their performance was still pretty…nice.

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Cloud9 win Day 6 of NA ALGS Split 2

Day 6’s games were significantly closer than what we saw on Day 5. Where NRG dominated the lobby, several teams scrabbled for the top spot on Day 6 and the point gap was extremely close. Going into the final match of the day on World’s Edge, Cloud9 and 100 Thieves were tied for first with 47 points each, while Renegades, TSM and G2 were right behind them with 44. Taking first for the day would require a strong combination of placement and kill points, which made this an especially dangerous lobby with the likes of TSM and EsportsArena hanging around.

Game 6 quickly devolved into a brawl between the top squads as they were all forced together by the circle. Renegades, TSM, Esports Arena, 100 Thieves, Furia and Cloud9 were all right on top of each other and there was carnage. 100 Thieves went down, as did TSM, and Cloud9 found themselves under fire.

Meanwhile, G2 casually strolled in on the flank of the fight with only seven teams left. Using their superior positioning, they started picking players off and quickly took out Esports Arena. In final four, Cloud9 and G2 were the only big name teams left standing. C9 decided to drop and push the team on the low ground beneath them, but they lost their Gibraltar Mac Kenzie “Albralelie” Beckwith in the process.

With two left, the squad did what they could to grab kill and placement point to secure their lead over G2 in the overall standings. The remaining Cloud9 members couldn’t hold out, nor could the other remaining team, and G2 took their first victory of the day. But thanks to C9’s final efforts, it wasn’t enough to surpass them.

Thanks to their Day 6 performance, Cloud9 are now ranked fourth overall in NA.