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With boots on the ground at the Overwatch League 2022 Summer Showdown LAN, I asked popular casters and streamers around the venue who they believed would win it all in Toronto.

The participants had to give their opinion before or during the first match between the Washington Justice and Dallas Fuel. They couldn’t change their prediction in the Summer Showdown, especially after Dallas nearly lost first. Who will end up right?

LemonKiwi and LEGDAY’s predictions

Starting with casters, we have the duo of Jennifer “LemonKiwi” Pichette and Harry “LEGDAY” Pollitt. Both of them, aside from sharing the stage at the event, shared who they thought would get their first 2022 title.

“I think that Dallas are going to win it all,” LEGDAY said. “They’re just LAN warriors.”

As for LemonKiwi, she feels as if the finals are going to be between the San Francisco Shock and Dallas Fuel. But, just like her co-caster, she thinks the Fuel are going to get the win.

“Dallas will win, I think,” LemonKiwi said. “I think Kim ‘SP9RK1E’ Yeong-han is the best Genji in the world, who can have the highest peak. I think they can repeat their run from the Kickoff Clash, but the Shock are still scary, especially with how Kim ‘Proper’ Dong-hyun is playing.”

Avast puts his faith in the Fuel

Another former caster and current popular content creator was also in the venue: co-streamer Connor “Avast” Prince. Asking him, he agreed that Dallas was his prediction, but for a different reason.

“I’m going to predict Dallas,” Avast said, “just to make San Francisco Shock fans mad.”

As one of the most popular co-streamers for the Overwatch League, he is known for making predictions on his stream. He predicts along with one member of his chat, guests on stream, and a wheel that randomly spins until it chooses an outcome. It’s fair to say he has experience in this scenario, and he’s playing the neutral villain role for this LAN.

Barroi predict a team to win the Summer Showdown, and it isn’t his Titans

Lastly, we have the new general manager of the Vancouver Titans, Dennis “Barroi” Matz. He didn’t break from the general consensus, even with a team under his belt. He predicted Dallas the day before matches began, as the Titans arrived at the venue.

Everyone I asked picked Dallas Fuel, and why wouldn’t they? The team is undefeated in the Summer Showdown qualifiers. Yet, there was a bit of worry when the Dallas Fuel had to reverse-sweep the Washington Justice to win their first match. A win is a win, but there is a chance that Dallas might not be as strong as these predictions say — and they could all be wrong. We’ll have to see as the event goes on.

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