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The Overwatch League 2022 Summer Showdown playoffs are starting soon, with all teams qualified in both regions for their own regional tournaments. With the final day of qualifications over, the Los Angeles Gladiators and New York Excelsior couldn’t squeeze into the playoffs. This means the London Spitfire and Florida Mayhem are flying to Toronto as the final two qualified teams in the region.

The teams heading to the Summer Showdown playoffs

Here are all the teams who are qualified for the Summer Showdown playoffs. This stage’s tournament is regional, with the Western teams playing a LAN live in Toronto, Canada over a weekend. As for the Eastern teams, they’re competing in an online tournament. Here are the teams and their stage record for the Summer Showdown.

Western teams

  • Dallas Fuel (6-0)
  • San Francisco Shock (5-1)
  • Toronto Defiant (4-2)
  • Houston Outlaws (4-2)
  • London Spitfire (3-3)
  • Vancouver Titans (3-3)
  • Washington Justice (3-3)
  • Florida Mayhem (3-3)

The Western division was very close in the Summer Showdown qualifiers, with two teams waiting until the final day of matches to see if they qualified. In terms of stories, the Dallas Fuel went undefeated and beat the San Francisco Shock to end their regular season win streak. At the same time, the Vancouver Titans went from winless to playoffs with a 3-3 record in the division. The Toronto Defiant also had their best stage so far, qualifying to their home LAN as the fourth seed.

Eastern teams

  • Shanghai Dragons (6-0)
  • Seoul Dynasty (5-1)
  • Guangzhou Charge (4-2)
  • Philadelphia Fusion (2-4)

In the Eastern division, we have some expected results, as well as one complete surprise. The gap between the best teams and the worst teams in this stage was evident in the Philadelphia Fusion’s qualification despite a losing record. Aside from that, the Shanghai Dragons rose to the top with an undefeated qualifiers, thanks to spectacular performances from players like Lee “WhoRU” Seung-jun.

Summer Showdown Schedule

The Summer Showdown playoffs begin in the West, in Toronto on Sept. 8 at 2 PM EST. It all begins with the top seed, Dallas Fuel facing the Washington Justice. Then, the starting matches continue as the London Spitfire versus the Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans versus San Francisco Shock and Florida Mayhem versus Houston Outlaws. The games continue until 6:30 PM EST until the final day on Sept. 11.

As for the East, the games begin on Sept. 9 at 6:00 AM EST, with the Guangzhou Charge versus the Shanghai Dragons. After that, the Philadelphia Fusion face off against the Seoul Dynasty. Whoever wins will continue in the upper bracket, while the losers will have the lower bracket to run through.

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