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Missing Persons is an early side quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human that’s given to players by Damien in the Bazaar. This quest will likely be done by players who are looking to pass time waiting for Hakon or looking for who killed Commander Lucas of the Peacekeepers. Either way, you can find Damien standing by the exit to the Bazaar. Talking to him will quickly yield a new quest objective, as apparently Damien has work for you out in Old Villedor.

After making your way to the quest marker, you quickly realize that the entire thing was a setup. Damien sent you to be killed by a group of thugs, who you need to eliminate. Once you’ve done that, Damien will appear and tell you that he’s being forced to send the thugs victims so they don’t hurt his brother, Cliff.

Essentially, all of this ends up with Damien on the roof of the Bazaar, wanting to jump and end his life. The question players have is, how can they save Damien from killing himself in Dying Light 2?

Saving Damien in Dying Light 2

Once Damien tells you about Cliff, you’ll set off and try to find his brother (assuming you choose to do so). However, this is, again, somewhat of a trap. Cliff is alive and well. He’s actually working with the group of bandits, killing innocent people for his boss. You radio Damien during this exchange and he’s shocked to find out what Cliff has really been up to.

No matter what happens during this dialogue, Cliff will send another set of thugs on you. Kill them and then head up the stairs to kill Cliff as well. Now you need to head back to the Bazaar and head inside. You can find a man named Roger banging on the church doors to get Damien to come out. However, Damien won’t come out and has instead made his way to the top of the building.

Damien Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Interrupting Damien saves his life. | Provided by Techland

You can parkour up there using the side of the church and its many ramps and ledges. Once up to where Damien is located, you must talk to him about life. Talking about anything else will result in him jumping.

Once you’ve talked about life, tell him that you’ll jump with him. This triggers Roger to come up to the roof and start talking. You need to interrupt Damien during this dialogue. Not doing so will result in him jumping. After Damien is interrupted, he won’t jump and you will complete the Missing Persons side quest in Dying Light 2.

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