Can you play Skull and Bones offline?
Can you play Skull and Bones offline?
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Can you play Skull and Bones offline?

Do you always have to be connected?

Skull and Bones is one of the most anticipated titles to release in early 2024. The open world pirate game from Ubisoft has been delayed multiple times, but it’s finally arriving on Feb. 16. There are still some questions that need answering with Skull and Bones, though, and one of them is regarding the online/offline nature of the game.

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At its core, Skull and Bones is meant to be a multiplayer-first game that allows players to create their own pirate stories with friends and foes. With multiplayer being the designed way to play Skull and Bones, it’s not a shock to learn that you need an online connection in order to play with other players. However, some users are curious if there’s a way to stay offline and still enjoy Skull and Bones.

Playing Skull and Bones offline

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Unfortunately, there is currently no way to access Skull and Bones without an Internet connection. To even start playing, you need to join an online server, which is full of other players. This server allows you to make a character and start your journey as a pirate. If you want to make a new character, you have to join a different server and begin the process all over again.

Every server you join will only feature online multiplayer, even if you are a solo player. While you can fully partake in Skull and Bones as a solo player, you will still have to encounter other real players out in the world. This goes for both those on console and PC, which is especially important for those on Xbox or PlayStation.

To play Skull and Bones, you need to be subscribed to either Game Pass Core/Ultimate on Xbox or PS Plus on PlayStation. These subscriptions allow you to have an online connection and play multiplayer titles. If you’re on PC, you just need a working Internet connection.

Ubisoft may release a future update to support solo and offline play in Skull and Bones, but for now, you have to stay online to roam the open seas.

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