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LEGO Fortnite offline

Can you play LEGO Fortnite offline?

Can you play LEGO Fortnite with friends if you have no internet?

LEGO Fortnite has been a massive hit with a wide range of gamers, from battle royale enthusiasts looking for a break from the competition to farming sim fanatics wanting even more to build and harvest to cozy game lovers that want to create a community. But can you play LEGO Fortnite offline?

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Most gamers that enjoy LEGO Fortnite have to head to their battle station, start up their PC, put on their headphones, and start up Fortnite. But what if you want to play LEGO Fortnite while traveling or during a time where your internet connection isn’t the best?

Can you play LEGO Fortnite offline?

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Unfortunately, you cannot play LEGO Fortnite offline. You can only play LEGO Fortnite if you have a stable internet connection.

A lot of gamers have been left disappointed with this realization, especially because similar games like Minecraft have offline modes to enjoy. Fortnite developers have not discussed this possibility just yet, however, so expect to need an internet connection for now.

How to play LEGO Fortnite with friends

While you can’t enjoy a classic couch co-op type thing with LEGO Fortnite, you can play with friends online

Invite your friend by pressing Start, going to the Social menu, and adding your friends. You can then invite them to your world or even make them Key Holders, which lets them access your world even if you’re not offline. Work together to build a community, collect important resources, and fight off enemies.