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When first build your village in LEGO Fortnite, you may think it’s the perfect place to put down roots. As time goes on though, you may discover that it’s too small, or too far away from the things you need. So if you have made a mistake, can you actually move your village in LEGO Fortnite?

You may have built up a lovely community, with villagers hanging around to help you mine, gather resources, and fight off monsters, but what if the grass is greener somewhere else? Here’s what you can do to move your home.

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Can you move your village in LEGO Fortnite?

No, you can’t move your village in LEGO Fortnite. Much like structures or furniture, nothing you place down can just be picked up and moved without some serious destruction.

What to do if you want to move your village

If you’ve decided you just can’t bear staying where you originally built your village, you can choose to demolish it and move elsewhere. Destroying buildings will give you materials back, so you can make the tough decision to start breaking everything down with either your fists or a tool.

Once you’ve done that, simply carry all your materials to your new location, and start building. You are going to be starting from scratch though, so keep that in mind if building or upgrading isn’t your favorite thing.

What happens to your villagers

It would be tough to lose all the villager friends you’ve made along your journey. Image via Epic Games

If you decide to move your village completely, you will need to demolish not only the Village Square but all the beds of your villagers too.

With nowhere to sleep, your villagers will hang about for about five in-game days, then call it a day and move on. You’ll need to meet their requests if they show up at your new home though, so you’ll need to build beds for them there too.

Can you have multiple villages?

If you can’t bear the thought of demolishing all your hard work, but still want to move on, you can! That’s because LEGO Fortnite allows you to have multiple villages in your world at any one time.

Pack up anything you want to take with you and head to your new spot. Make and place down a bed, sleep in it, and your respawn point will be reset to your new home. If there are any of your villagers you want to bring with you, break their beds and they’ll leave in around five in-game days.

If you’re moving, you might want to head to a spot with plenty of open space so you can start work on luring animals into your farm, or growing crops to keep you from starving to death.