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If you’re a budding interior designer like I am, you’ll want to try placing furniture in lots of different places in your village. What happens if you don’t like it though? Can you move furniture in LEGO Fortnite somewhere else?

It’s still early days in LEGO Fortnite, but I am already stressing about the positioning of my furniture. The beds need to be flush against the wall, the chests need to be easily accessible, and everywhere needs to be lit up by candles. I spend more time wandering around, thinking about where I’m putting stuff than I do actually crafting it.

Of course, not everything you place will be in the perfect spot the first time, so what can you do when that happens? Here’s everything we know so far.

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Can you move furniture in LEGO Fortnite?

No, you cannot move furniture in LEGO Fortnite.

Frustratingly, once you place something, that is its spot, and is the same for buildings too. I’ve gone through the menus and tried all the tools I have, but nothing allows you to just pick it up and set it somewhere else, much to my annoyance. With real-life LEGO, you can just pull it off and plant it wherever you like, but clearly, the devs thought this would be too easy for players.

No need to move my beds, as they are perfectly in line. Like they should be. Screenshot by Upcomer

Can you delete furniture in LEGO Fortnite?

Unfortunately, deleting furniture isn’t possible either. As handy as it would be to just press a button and see it vanish, the devs again decided not to include that power.

How to get rid of unwanted furniture in LEGO Fortnite

The only way to get rid of furniture in LEGO Fortnite is to destroy it. You can use your fists, an axe, or a pickaxe to break them apart, but you’ll then need to go back to your building menu and start the process again.

The good news, however, is that you do get materials back when you break them, so you won’t be throwing away wood every time you don’t like the position of a chair.

If building furniture isn’t your cup of tea, you should check out how to get Knotwood and make Knotwood Rods so you can craft stronger weapons and tools for exploring.