Can you kill Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?
Kill Kelvin Sons of the Forest
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Can you kill Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

Kelvin's best might not be good enough for some

Kelvin is the NPC that most Sons of the Forest players love to hate or hate to love. He’s the only remaining survivor from the plane crash that landed you on your current mutant-infested island. However, as a result of the crash, Kelvin lost his ability to hear and speak, making him much less useful when it comes to combat and general aid. While Kelvin can help out in base construction and looking out for enemies, that’s about where his usefulness ends, as you are not able to give the poor NPC any weapons. In fact, more often than not, Kelvin can be a hindrance to players in Sons of the Forest, leading to those players wondering if they can simply kill him and have the island to themselves.

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Kill Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest kill Kelvin
Provided by Endnight Games

Since this is a video game, the question of killing your only friend on a dangerous island isn’t as controversial as it would be in real life. Fortunately for players pondering this action, you can indeed kill Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. There are a couple of ways Kelvin can die, and both of them are at your hand.

The most likely way for Kelvin to die is if he gets attacked by mutants during a bout of combat and you choose not to save him when he’s in his “rescue state.” Technically, you aren’t killing Kelvin here, you just simply didn’t help save his life. However, for those who truly don’t like Kelvin, you can do the job yourself and start whacking at him with your axe or any weapon at your disposal.

Eventually, Kelvin will once again go down into his rescue state, giving you the chance to save him or end his life. If you want to kill him, simply deliver one more blow with your weapon and that will be that. Kelvin will not be able to come back to life once you do this, so you might want to really consider if you’re ready to survive Sons of the Forest without your only outside help.

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