Can you assign specific jobs to your Pals in Palworld?
Can you assign specific jobs to your Pals in Palworld?
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Can you assign specific jobs to your Pals in Palworld?

Get specific Pals to do the right job

When you place a Pal in your base in Palworld, it tends to drift toward whatever station it’s suited for. However, many players have been asking if there’s a way to assign a Pal to specific jobs in Palworld so they can maximize their base’s productivity.

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For example, if you place an Arsox in your base, you might want to assign it directly to a Furnace or Cooking Pot so it’s always ready to go when you need the Kindling Work Suitability. Unfortunately, there is no “official” way to go about doing this in the Palworld menus. Instead, you have to rely on another method to directly assign Pals to a specific job in Palworld.

You can see what that method is and how to do it in the guide below.

Assigning Pals to specific jobs in Palworld

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So far, the only way I and other players have discovered to make Pals perform specific jobs is to physically throw them at that job. Take a look at the steps below to see how to do this:

  • Place a Pal in your base that you want to perform a specific job
  • While that Pal is not currently working at a station, go up to them and click the “Lift” button (F on PC)
  • This causes your character to pick up the Pal and you can walk to whatever station you want that Pal working at
  • Once you’re near the job you want to assign to the Pal, throw the Pal by pressing the Partner Skill button (E on PC)
  • With any luck, that Pal will now be assigned to that specific job. If not, just keep trying until it happens

There is only one caveat with this method, and it’s that the Pal you’re trying to assign needs to have the proper Work Suitability. So, if you want some mining to be done, the Pal you’re throwing needs to have at least Level 1 Mining. You can do this with just about any job at your base, so long as you’re choosing the right Pal.

This especially comes in handy with the Breeding Station, as Pals won’t willingly go into the station and start breeding. I explained how to use the Breeding Station in a previous guide, but assigning Pals to that job can be particularly difficult. You can see if a Pal has been successfully assigned to a job by looking at the left side of your screen after you throw them.

If a Pal has been successfully assigned, a message will appear that says “Fixed Assignment to the job.” However, if your attempt has failed, you’ll see a red-colored message that says the Pal couldn’t be assigned. If this happens, pick the Pal back up and throw them again. Make sure you’re throwing them as close to the station as possible. It also helps if you separate your base stations so it’s clear where you’re throwing the Pal.

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