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Building a working base in Palworld might seem tricky, but once you get the hang of it you’ll notice a big issue isn’t learning how everything works. Instead, the problem is finding a place to store all of your resources.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for you to choose between so you can mine more resources, carry less loot, and overall just enjoy your Palworld experience more. Some of the storage options in Palworld are better than others so we’ve put together a list of the five best that you should be using in your world today.

The best storage solutions in Palworld

How to repair weapons and armor in Palworld using the Repair Bench
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Metal Chest

  • Unlock tier: 16
  • Blueprint Cost: 2x Technology Points
  • Resource Cost: 15x Ingots, 30x Wood

The Metal Chest is a great storage solution you can craft early into your Palworld adventures. At level 16 you can unlock this build and get a nice storage solution with 24 slots. The best part is that the cost is so low, you can really make as many that you need.

Refined Metal Chest

  • Unlock tier: 39
  • Blueprint Cost: 3x Technology Points
  • Resource Cost: 20x Refined Ingots, 50x Wood, 20x Nail

It’s no secret why the Refined Metal Chest is so great. This storage solution has 40 slots making it one of the best in the game. Furthermore, the cost to craft one isn’t too bad so you can really make as many as you need.

Of course, given the level requirement, this is going to be a late-game storage solution but it’s still the best there is.


  • Unlock tier: 38
  • Blueprint Cost: 2x Technology Points
  • Resource Cost: 15x Ice Organs, 20x Polymer, 50x Refined Ingot, 5x Circuit Board

A Refrigerator might not seem like a great storage solution, but it is one of the best. This build has 25 storage slots, but its true strength lies in the fact it can stop food from spoiling. With the help of an Ice-type Pal you can stock up on food for your Pals and yourself without any fear that it will go bad, and that’s the true power of the Refrigerator.

Antique Wardrobe

  • Unlock tier: 14
  • Blueprint Cost: 1x Technology Point
  • Resource Cost: 70x Wood, 5x Nail

The Antique Wardrobe is a part of the Antique Storage Set, but it is the best part, so we suggest not bothering with the other components unless you’re trying to design your base a specific way.

For a small cost consisting of resources you probably already have you can craft this storage solution that includes 20 slots to store items in. That’s great value and this can unlocked fairly early in your Palworld adventure.

Storage Container Set

  • Unlock tier: 21
  • Blueprint Cost: 1x Technology Point
  • Resource Cost: Large Container (100x Ingots), Small Container (20x Wood, 10 Ingots), Cloth Covered Container (15x Wood, 10x Ingots, 2x Cloth)

The Storage Container set is the best value storage solution in Palworld. This set includes three items with 60 storage slots between them, For just one technology point, that’s well worth the investment as you level up in Palworld.

Of course, being only made available at level 32 you’re going to need to do some grinding before you can get this build, but it’s well worth the work, and that will give you time to craft the ingots required.