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Best Skill Fruit to use in Palworld, ranked

These are the fruits you're looking for.

Each Pal in Palworld has a variety of moves at its disposal, but there’s going to be a time when you notice one of your Pals simply isn’t capable of learning something new. That’s where Skill Fruits come in.

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Using Skill Fruits you can teach Pals abilities that they typically wouldn’t be capable of learning. This makes gearing up for boss fights much easier, but is also just used to optimize your favorite Pals to do the most damage in battle.

There are a lot of Skill Fruits around the Palworld map of all rarities, but just because one is rare doesn’t mean it is the best. We’ve put together a list of the five best Skill Fruit moves in Palworld so you can try them out for yourself.

The 5 best Skill Fruit abilities in Palworld

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Ignis Blast

Ignis Blast isn’t just the best Skill Fruit ability in Palworld because it does decent damage, but also because it has one of the lowest cooldown timers. This means you can pretty much spam Ignis Blast during a battle doing more damage than many of the rarer Skill Fruits available to find.


Despite being one of the more common Skill Fruits in Palworld, Shockwave is a great Electric-type move to teach to your favorite Pals. This move creates a shockwave around your Pal damaging anything in its range and having the chance to paralyze them in the process. This skill is perfect for battles with multiple enemies but is just generally a great move to use in battle.

Lightning Strike

Unlike Shockwave, Lightning Strike is one of the rarest Electric-type Skill Fruits in Palworld, but don’t let that stop you from finding and using its power. This move deals three times the damage of Shockwave and can be used to target a single enemy from a distance. If you’re heading into a boss fight, this is a great tool to add massive damage, especially when your enemy is vulnerable to Electric-type moves.

Dark Laser

Another of the rarest Skill Fruits in Palworld, Dark Laser is an incredibly powerful Dark-type move that deals more damage than any other. This move does huge damage and can hit more than one target. Also, if you do successfully land the move it has a great chance of burning your opponent increasing the overall damage dealt.


Fireball is the most powerful Fire-type Skill Fruit in the game and as the name suggests it will see your Pal shoot a giant fireball at the enemy dealing massive damage. This ability has a significant cooldown, but the damage that it can produce in a single shot makes it well worth the wait. Also, Fireball almost always burns the opponent dealing extra damage after the attack has landed.

These are the five best Skill Fruits in Palworld, but as you’d expect there are plenty more. We suggest seeking out as many as you can find and trying each of them until you work out which ones are perfect for you.

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