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Best location for your first Palworld base when you start a new world

Everybody needs a home.

We’re all guilty of it. You jumped into Palworld and were tasked with setting up a base so you saw the nearby clearance and quickly crafted a base. Yes, I’ve been there, but after playing more Palworld it becomes apparent there are much better places to set up your first base.

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When setting up your first base in Palworld you don’t want to be too far away from the starting zone, nor do you want to be in an area that has no resources. The good news is that around the start of the game, there are plenty of decent spots to set up camp, but one shines far above the others.

Best location for your first Palworld base

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The best starter base location in Palworld can be found at the coordinates (248, -503). This is about halfway down the mountain you begin on following the waterfalls down.

What makes this spot perfect is the resources available to mine from the jump. You’ve got Stone and Wood which are both important, but most importantly it has an Ore deposit and even a Palladium source. These two resources are ones that you’ll need a lot of early and towards the middle of your adventure, so getting them mined as soon as you can is a big win.

This spot has plenty of Pals to catch and is almost perfectly in the middle of the two first fast travel points that you encounter. It really is a great spot to set up camp early into your Palworld game.

Of course, there is one drawback and that is the fact there is no food source in the area. Fortunately, making a Berry patch isn’t too difficult, and it’s something you’re forced to do during the tutorial so you should be set up with food from that fairly early.

While there are plenty of other good areas nearby to set up camp, this is by far the best, and that is why we recommend you use it next time you start a new Palworld campaign.

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