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When it comes to Passive Skills, Palworld is typically a roll of the dice. While you can breed to get your favorite skills passed down to offspring, most of the time the Pals you get will have a random skill assigned.

So what are the best? Well, if you’re looking for workers to remain at your base there are several that rule over the others and to help you seek them out, here is a list of the very best Palworld Passive Skills for workers at your base.

The best Passive Skills for workers in Palworld

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There is no doubt that Artisan is the best Passive Skill in the game, and that rings especially true if you’re after someone to man your base. This ability will increase the work speed of your Pal by 50 percent, meaning they’ll be doing their task at lightning speed.

Diet Lover

Pals getting hungry can seriously impact their productivity at your base, so you’ll want to have food readily available for them. However, the Diet Lover Passive Skill is the perfect way to rule out hunger problems as it will see your Pals get Hungry at a much slower pace.


With a name like Workaholic, it shouldn’t be surprising that this Passive Skill is great for the workers at your base. If your Pal has this it will lose Sanity at a 15 percent slower rate meaning they’ll be ready and working more consistently.

Logging Foreman

Logging Foreman gives everything away in the name. This Passive Skill will make your Logging 25 percent more efficient, so it’s perfect for at least one member of your work party to have.

Mine Foreman

There are no riddles here, the Mine Foreman Passive Skill will increase the efficiency of your Pal when Mining by 25 percent.


Lucky is a great Passive Skill for bother workers and fighters. Pals with this will not only work 15 percent faster but also have their attack increased by the same amount. So basically this is a good all-around option for those Pals you sometimes leave at the base.


The Rare Passive Skill has the same effects as Lucky. That means your work speed will be increased by 15 percent, and your attack also increased by 15 percent.


You’ve probably noticed by now but work speed is what you’re after when seeking out Passive Skills for your base and Serious is one of the best. This Passive Skill gives your Pal a 20 percent boost in work speed, making them a great choice to leave at the base.

Palworld’s best level one Passive Skills for your base

  • Conceited: Work Speed +10&, defense -10%
  • Dainty Eater: 10% decrease in sanity depletion
  • Positive Thinker: 10% decrease in sanity depletion
  • Work Slave: Work Speed +30%, Attack -30%