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Top 10 best Fortnite players ranked in 2023

Get some inspiration from these top Fortnite players

Whenever we talk about Fortnite, player rankings are always at the forefront of our minds. The game’s competitive side is expected to have one of its biggest years yet in 2023. It is only a matter of time before the Grand Royale brings the top duos together for a whole new level of competition outside of every season’s FNCS.

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New skills are constantly being added to the game by professional players. It is important to keep in mind that things move quickly in a game such as this. To uncover the ten best pro-Fortnite players in 2023, we took an analytical approach by looking at real-life performances and stats.

10. VortexM

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In an effort to maintain their screen persona, this young (18 years old) Australian gamer has remained anonymous. Over the course of his career, he has spent significant time competing and has always remained among the 10 of most major competitions. In addition, VortexM is making excellent progress in Chapter 3 and in Division 8 of the Champion League. As a member of LootBoy Esports, he recently placed second in the FNCS Grand Finale Series 1- Oceania Division.

9. EpikWhale

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In the months leading up to the Fortnite World Cup in 2019, Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton is a member of Team Kungarna, becoming the fourth highest-earning player in the history of the game. With his experience in Team Kungarna, Shane joined as an athlete in NRG Esports.

At the annual World Cup, he finished third and brought over a million dollars with him. In Fortnite 2019, he earned immense prestige and rewards after anchoring third place in the World Cup. It boosted his young career to a new level of success. Being among the skilled Fortnite pro players, he reigned as one of the greatest with his skills.

EpikWhale was most recently signed by TSM to their Fortnite list in June of 2022, a major milestone in his young career. In addition to winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, he also placed first in Saudi Arabia in the recently held Gamers8 event, with a net profit of over $178,000 as his second-largest prize.

8. JannisZ

Provided by JannisZ

Jannis “JannisZ” Matwin earned $664,000 so far in his young professional career, making him among the youngest 25 professional Fortnite players who earn a lot. Besides being a top Fortnite player, he is also among the most renowned and largest Twitch streamers, with beyond 500,000 followers.

In July 2019, Jannis arrived at Wave Esports to begin his young professional player career. He departed the team in early 2021 after almost two years of accomplishments. Afterward, he joined Guild Esports in March 2021 up to recently in March 2022 and advanced in his career. Later that year, he returned to Wave Esports and has played with them since then.

The most recent tournament he participated in was DreamHack Winter, in which he and Vadeal, one of his Wave Esports teammates, finished first and made $17,000. Also, Jannis is known to have collaborated with Vadeal on numerous occasions.

7. Mero

Provided by Mero

If you are an avid Fortnite player, Matthew is one of those names you will probably hear often. When Outcast Region disbanded in May of 2020, Matthew “Mero” Faitel signed with them. In three months, he stopped competing with their team.

It would be impossible to put Matthew’s resume into a couple of paragraphs, it is that long. As of late, he has been skimming through e-sports organizations since he left. Mero plays for the Dignitas team at the moment. Originally signed in May of 2022, he has been with the team since then.

It appears that he plans to continue working with the team in the long term. It was in 2021 that he earned the most from tournaments of all time, earning $212,000 before the year ended, putting him among the top 50 most valuable Fortnite players of all time. In addition, he is known for collaborating with Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

6. Anas

Provided by Anas

A young professional player in Fortnite for Guild Esports, Anas El-Abd plays Fortnite for the Danish organization Anas El-Abd. After he took the win in MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge the previous month, he then stunned the world with a $1 million prize. Over the course of 19 minutes, he obtained the highest recorded score and managed to survive the chosen creative map.

In the FNCS Invitational in 2022, where he showed his aiming skills and accurate movement, was another top cash cup he participated in. His use of the same skills in the challenge by MrBeast where he won a million dollars, the recorded highest prize since Bugha took the World Cup in 2019. Additionally, he desires to be a battle royale champion after he conquers the creative mode of Fortnite, where he is currently a top pro player.

5. Setty

Provided by Setty

We now move on to Setty, a 19-year-old Polish sensation. In the world of pro-Fortnite, Setty is a name that should go without saying. This is someone who won two of the biggest tournaments of the year, the DreamHack summer event and the FNCS Invitational. Setty thrives under high-pressure situations, like those found at live events held in the Fortnite community, which has earned him the role of a big-stage player.

Although Setty was known for his composure and high-profile tournament antics, he did not always play that way. Playing with his former duos partner Chapix, Setty struggled to make an impact at the beginning of the year. Setty and Kami formed an incredible partnership in 2022 after disappointing results led them to go their separate ways and break up. In addition to winning the FNCS Invitational, they dominated opponents like nothing was impossible.

As the undisputed kings of Fortnite duos, their chemistry and complementary playstyles helped them win the FNCS Invitational. There is no doubt that Setty and Kami are among the best pro-Fortnite players.

4. Queasy

Provided by Queasy

Coming fourth is the Serbian Esports Athlete Aleksa “Queasy” Cvetkovic, a professional Fortnite player in the Galaxy Racer. A highly competitive player, FaZe Mongraal enjoys taking on big names on the high ground and usually boasts of his quick retake skills in comparison with a variety of professional players.

He uses Piece Control in order to take advantage and eliminate his rivals by enclosing them into a box structure because of his quick editing and building skills. His gameplay skills against Bugha’s team for the FNCS Invitational last 2022, where in which he drew 2nd, demonstrated exemplary gameplaying skills in collaboration with pros such as Veno since 2022.

3. Veno

Provided by Veno

Veno emerged in 2022 as a rising star among the pro-Fortnite community, gaining public admiration for his aggressive playstyle and his unbroken streak of Cash Cup victories. Being one of the top duo partners in the competitive Fortnite scene, Veno enjoyed great success playing alongside Austrian pro Aqua.

Together, these two won back-to-back major tournaments, including an FNCS Final, and they teamed up for a few memorable performances. After an underwhelming cash cup result in the summer, Veno and Aqua disbanded after sharing the battlebus for one last time. A result of this separation was the birth of perhaps one of the most iconic duo partnerships of 2022 between Queasy and Veno.

After finishing 2nd, 1st, and 3rd in consecutive Cash Cup competitions, Veno and Queasy began their great run. The duo scene was destined to be dominated by Queasy and Veno from that point forward. In addition to four Elite cups, one Cash Cup, and one third-place finish in an FNCS Final, the team had an outstanding season.

But their greatest achievement was not winning but rather placing second in the most competitive Fortnite tournament of the year. All of the best professionals in the world competed in the invitational tournament in North Carolina for a share of a million-dollar cash pot. The tournament was an international, in-person event. A total of 140k was split between Veno and Queasy, or 14% of the jackpot.

With several top 10 finishes in cash cups and a respectable 7th place ranking at LAN DreamHack Summer, Veno demonstrated his solo talent as well.

2. Kami

Provided by Kami

In addition to playing Fortnite, Michaly “Kami” Kamiski was an Esports athlete for Become Legends. With his duo partner Setty, Kami won $200,000 at the FNCS Invitational in 2022. As an expert in team coordination and high-ground retakes, Kami is known for his excellent piece control skills. His skill level in the game has also led him to overtake other pro builders such as Mongraal and BenjyFishy.

1. Bugha

Provided by Bugha

There can be little doubt among competitive Fortnite players that Bugha and his historic performance at the very first and thus far only official Fortnite World Cup in 2019 are well known. After beating out a total of 40 million other players, Bugha captured the coveted Fortnite World Cup trophy.

Even though Bugha faced 100 of the world’s best Fortnite players in his journey towards the finals, he was still able to dominate them and stand head and shoulders above them. Along with fellow streamers Ninja and Tfue, Bugha was rewarded with a stunning $3 million cash prize for winning the tournament. With that award, Bugha became the highest-earning esports player off of tournament revenue.

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