Beachside Smash major Wavedash 2022 coming to SoCal
The logo for Wavedash 2022
SoCal is now set to have two open-bracket majors this year. | Screengrab provided by YouTube via Top Shelf Esports

Beachside Smash major Wavedash 2022 coming to SoCal

The event will feature top players, pop-up brackets, circuit points and more

Tournament organizers behind events like The Mang0: Homecoming, Saving Mr. Lombardi and the 2GG circuit have announced their latest venture, a Super Smash Bros. major called Wavedash 2022. The event will take place from August 6-7 in Oceanside, California.

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This event will be the first of two open-bracket Smash majors in Southern California this year, with Mainstage 2022 to follow in December. These events make up two of this year’s three open-bracket Californian majors, along with Genesis 8.

Named after one of Melee’s most notorious advanced movement techniques, Wavedash 2022 will also allow attendees to enjoy the SoCal waves, as the tournament venue is located directly next to Oceanside City Beach. The event will feature Singles and Doubles brackets for both Melee and Ultimate.

Registration for the tournament is open now on and will remain open until July 31. However, prospective attendees can obtain a venue pass for a discounted rate of $35 during the Early Bird Registration period. This period will last until the end of May.

More about Wavedash 2022

The Wavedash 2022 TOs have already announced that a number of top Melee and Ultimate players who regularly compete in SoCal will be at their upcoming major. Confirmed attendees include Melee players like John “KoDoRiN” Ko and Joey “Lucky” Aldama and Ultimate players like Abraham “BigBoss” Slane Parra and Armando “AC” Castaneda Villalobos. In addition, out-of-region players like Hugh “SluG” Hegarty and Guillermo “Stroder Ame” Martinez Jr. have already registered for the event.

Alongside its Singles and Doubles brackets, TOs will host a number of pop-up brackets over the course of the weekend. Attendees can enter into the small, eight-person brackets for a low cost of $1, $5 or $10. However, the stakes within these brackets will be high, as participants will compete in a single-elimination, winner-take-all format.

Wavedash 2022 is already locked in as a silver Melee event for the 2022 Smash World Tour. While it is not currently registered as part of the Smash World Tour’s Ultimate league, it will undoubtedly be eligible to do so.

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