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Palworld has captured the hearts and minds of the gaming community since its release on January 19, and now developers Palworld are revealing what’s coming next, including whether we’ll get new Pals.

Pals are the lifeblood of Palworld. These cute monsters can be seen roaming across the open world, which you can then fight or capture to join your team. Once you’ve done that, you can even send them off to work, and get them doing jobs and gathering resources for you.

With 113 Pals in the game at the start of early access, will Pocketpair be adding more to the game in the future? Here’s what we know.

New Pals are coming to Palworld

In the roadmap, revealed on January 24, Pocketpair confirmed that new Pals were planned for future updates. That means we can expect to see new monsters hit the islands soon.

They didn’t give us any information beyond that though. That means we don’t know what these Pals will look like or be called, or when we can expect to see them in the game.

Still, it’s good news that more are coming, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we get more details.

Pocketpair's Palworld roadmap, showing plans to address critical issues, improvements, and planned future updates.
Pocketpair have big plans. Image via Pocketpair

PvP, Pal Arena, Raid Bosses

Elsewhere, Pocketpair has big plans for Palworld in terms of combat, which three different modes teased.

PvP, which would let players fight each other, is top of the list, along with Pal Arena, which would allow players to send their Pals into combat against other Pals. Finally, Raid Bosses will provide end-game content for players to work towards.

Critical Issues and improvements

Of course, Pocketpair are also working hard to improve the gaming experience for players. The developers say they have identified numerous bugs that are priority fixes, including issues with the world date rolling back, and players getting stuck in loading screens.

They also want to provide improvements to Pals and their AI to stop them from getting stuck in your base, something which many have seen happen.

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