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The Overwatch 2 team has revealed Antarctic Peninsula, the newest Control map coming out alongside Season 3.

A flashback to the Mei animation from the original game, this Control map is the latest one since Busan. With a small reveal video on Twitter, fans are excited to play on this map when Season 3 releases.

A small breakdown of the Antarctic Peninsula

This reveal is more of a teaser for the season trailer, coming out on Feb. 6, just before Season 3 begins. But, we can already see multiple aspects of the map through the short reveal video.

To start, we have penguins that players will be able to see as they fight for control of the point. The only other remotely similar thing in the Overwatch franchise was the robots in Volskaya, a map that isn’t playable in Overwatch 2 due to the removal of the Assault game mode. Even then, those robots were really far away, as part of the background, where these penguins seem to be much easier to notice or get to.

We also see one of the control points that’s overlooking a frozen body of water. This particular point looked similar to Garden on Lijiang Tower, with an open gazebo-like point and a lot of space around it. Another area looks similar to the control point from University on Oasis, with the high ground above it. Plus, we have elements from that Mei cinematic that players can go to, including seeing the Aurora Borealis and where the scientists were stationed in cryosleep.

There’s even a report from Dexerto that says that players can fish on the map, which would be a fun addition to the map like the arcade game in Busan.

As is standard for Control maps, there are three separate control points. However, it’s tough to tell what in the video are the control points themselves. The gazebo is almost guaranteed a point, but the rest is tough to determine.

More details of the latest Overwatch 2 map Antarctic Peninsula will arrive with the Season 3 Trailer on Feb. 6.