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Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is coming soon, with new skins, ranked changes, and more content already revealed. One of the biggest reveals revolves around cosmetics, with the return of the Overwatch Credits. The return of Credits also means the in-game currency will be added to the Battle Pass. Getting skins will be easier than ever.

Season 3 is set to begin on Feb. 7, nine weeks after the start of Season 2. This means, as of this article, there’s just under a week to complete your Season 2 Battle Pass and get your Zeus Junker Queen Mythic skin.



Overwatch Credits return in Season 3

As confirmed by the Overwatch 2 team in a recent update, cosmetics are getting a slight overhaul. A lot of the criticism from fans with recent deals in the store comes from paying for old skins that players could buy with Overwatch Credits in the original game. So, to help fans get old and new skins a little easier, Credits are coming back.

Not only are they returning, but specific tiers in future Battle Passes will have Credits as rewards. This allows fans to get them in Overwatch 2 and redeem them for cosmetics of their choice. Coinciding with that, all Epic and Legendary skins from the original Overwatch will be available via the Hero Gallery for anyone to purchase with Credits or Coins. The team also promises that more ways to spend Credits is on the horizon, for fans with lots of Credits stored on their account from the original Overwatch.

Hero changes coming in Season 3

Two Overwatch 2 heroes will be reworked going into Season 3: Ramattra and Sojourn. For Ramattra, his kit got some changes through Season 2, turning him from not very viable to a decent choice. However, the one that everyone is keeping an eye on is Sojourn, who continues to populate ranked alongside Mercy.

New Season 3 Battle Pass Mythic skin confirmed

As for the new Mythic skin arriving with the new Season 3 Battle Pass, Overwatch 2 is introducing Amaterasu Kiriko. Like the previous two Battle Passes, the Mythic skin is customizable, with multiple colors and aspects of the skin to choose from. As the final reward in the pass, it’ll take some time to get to it, but is a unique reward.

The previous two Battle Passes have had themes that the Mythic skin has matched. While the theme had yet to be revealed for Season 3, the Amaterasu skin is a hint.

As was confirmed in the roadmap on the game’s launch, there is a new map joining the game soon as well. No information has come out on what that map is yet.

Ranked changes coming in over Season 3 and 4

To end it off, ranked changes are coming down the Overwatch 2 pipeline.

For Season 3, the amount of wins and losses needed to change your rank is now lower. The original seven-win or twenty-loss system is now a little more streamlined; now five wins or fifteen losses. Players who remember placements from the original Overwatch might have some nostalgia, as a five-game span was how you placed each season in the original game.

The Overwatch 2 team also listened to fans’ complaints about one-sided matches, unfair matchmaking and more. As those MMR (internal matchmaking rating) changes arrive in Season 3 to help regular ranked games feel more balanced, there are some already announced changes coming to the season after. For Season 4, there will be more information about how many wins and losses players are at when playing ranked.