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After a weekend of dungeon-running action, Ambition earned a spot in The Great Push Season 4 finals. By getting the silver, Donuts & Disbear players also advanced to the games happening between Sept. 2-3.

The Great Push Season 4

Unlike the previous seasons, The Great Push Season 4 is not a one-off event featuring World of Warcraft dungeons. The season began with the Proving Grounds phase, which had players push keys from Aug. 10-15.

The top six teams then secured a place in the regional qualifiers. Since Ambition and Donuts & Disbear earned first and second place during the first weekend, they will fight against time in The Great Push Finals.

Donuts & Disbear, Huh? and Oldge during The Great Push Season 4
Donuts & Disbear, Huh? and Oldge in The Great Push Season 4. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Ambition and Donuts & Disbear

In addition to Donuts & Disbear, Ambition ran dungeons against teams Huh?, Oldge, Sixth Place and FloorPov. On day one, Ambition topped the leaderboard with a 110 score with Donuts & Disbear following close behind at 109. By the end of day two, Ambition continued to reign in the tournament with a score of 147.

Ambition players
Ambition players. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

When it came down to the final day of pushing keys, Ambition achieved the best time for multiple dungeons. Ambition players completed the Upper Karazhan dungeon in just shy of 31 minutes. Meanwhile, Mecha Junkyard had a total time of 34 minutes and 19 seconds. Other dungeons that the players pushed their limits in include the Mecha Workshop and Iron Decks.

With a score of 185, Ambition secured a spot in the seasonal finals. As for Donuts & Disbear, the team had a total of 183 and will head to the finals next month.

The Great Push Season 4 kickoff weekend results
The Great Push Season 4 kickoff weekend results. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

More World of Warcraft esports

The Great Push Season 4 will continue next weekend from Aug. 26-28 and feature the EMEA regions, which refers to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Teams Monka, GigaChads, Echo, Depleto Patrol, 3 Pods & Speed and Levels will compete for the best time.

Fans and supporters can catch all the esports action on the official World of Warcraft YouTube channel. The tournament will also resume on the game’s official Twitch channel.

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