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Echo players claim victory at WoW MDI Global Finals
Provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Echo players claim victory at WoW MDI Global Finals

Echo has won the WoW MDI Global Finals five times in a row

After a weekend of intense dungeon running, Echo players became the five-time champions of the World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals; the team also earned the bulk of the $300,000 prize pool.

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Journey to the WoW MDI Global Finals

Season three of WoW MDI kicked off back in April, with the top 24 teams divided into three groups of eight. The following weeks showcased the abilities of these teams, plus a team from China and the winners of the Last Stand Tournament.

A total of eight teams secured a place in the WoW MDI Global Finals, and Echo began the global finals weekend in a match against Sloth. With a score of 2-0, Echo claimed victory in the first round. This moved them to the quarterfinals, where they raced Perplexed against time and obtained another 2-0 score.

When it came down to the semifinals, Echo faced Monka and got pushed into the lower elimination bracket. Although the opposing team scored 2-1 against Echo, the latter team’s players didn’t give up. Instead, Echo went up against W Omegalul and won 2-0. This advanced them to the grand finals for a rematch against Monka.

Monka versus Echo in the 2022 WoW MDI Global Finals
Monka versus Echo in the 2022 WoW MDI Global Finals. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Echo versus Monka rematch

In game one, Echo and Monka fought for the best time in the Necrotic Wake dungeon. Both teams were neck-and-neck when they reached the first boss, bursting down Blightbone’s health total while also taking down trash. Echo defeated Blightbone first, but Monka followed close behind to make their way to Amarth, the Harvester.

Although Monka faced a time penalty due to four deaths, they persisted and defeated Amarth a few seconds after Echo. After taking down Surgeon Stitchflesh, Echo and Monka faced Nalthor the Rimebinder. Echo earned the first point by overcoming the final boss and getting a clear time of 11:23.

Monka versus Echo in the second game
Monka versus Echo in the second game. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Next, the teams had to swiftly get through the Tazavesh: Streets map. The players crushed Zo’phex first, with Monka getting the lead on time. Echo and Monka then headed to the right side before fighting mobs just ahead of the second boss. Afterwards, both teams battled enemies in the Grand Menagerie before approaching Zo’gron and later So’azmi. Thanks to increased damage via a Commerce Enforcer, Echo quickly melted the final boss and claimed another point.

Monka versus Echo in game three
Monka versus Echo in game three. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

At match point, the teams raced against the clock in the Plaguefall dungeon. Echo defeated Globgrog first, then fought Doctor Ickus plus his Plague Bomb. Domina Venomblade went down next, right before Echo and Monka battled the final boss. After crushing Margrave Stradama, Echo had a total time of 13:45 and won the 2022 WoW MDI Global Finals.

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