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With Set 8 for Teamfight Tactics out, here are all the champions and their abilities. This Monsters Attack! theme introduces and reintroduces a total of 59 champions, each with their own unique abilities.

While we don’t have either two-cost dragons or Dragon-themed augments, hero augments are the new crucial addition to Set 8. Each of these 59 champions in Set 8 has two potential hero augments, with every single one giving you a 1-star copy of that hero.

Yet, with all the new additions, here is a cheat sheet for all the champions and what they do in TFT Set 8.

1-Cost champions in Set 8

Set 8 champions Blitzcrank
The iBlitzcrank skin. | Provided by Riot Games.

Ashe (Laser Corps/Recon)

Spell = Ranger’s Focus, Range = 4

Ashe gains 40/40/40 attack damage for four seconds, also dealing an extra 12/18/25 flat attack damage.

Ashe needs 80 mana to use her spell.

Blitzcrank (A.D.M.I.N./Brawler)

Spell = Static Defenses, Range = 1

Blitzcrank creates a defensive field around itself for four seconds, reducing all damage taken by 45/55/65 percent.

Blitzcrank needs 90 mana to use its spell but starts with 45.

Galio (Civilian/Mascot)

Spell = Outta My Way!, Range = 1

Galio dashes to the nearest enemy, doing 160/240/360 magic damage and shielding himself and the closest ally for 200/250/325 for four seconds.

Galio needs 120 mana to use his spell but starts with 60.

Gangplank (Supers/Duelist)

Spell = Trial by Fire, Range = 1

Gangplank sheds crowd control, then fires a flaming bullet at his target, dealing 200/300/450 magic damage and wounding them for eight seconds. The ‘Wound’ effect reduces healing received by 33%.

Gangplank needs 50 mana to use his spell.

Kayle (Underground/Duelist)

Spell = Starfire Spellblade, Range = 4

Kayle’s next three attacks deal 150% physical damage to her target, plus 20/30/45 magic damage to enemies within one hex of the target.

Kayle needs 30 mana to use her spell.

Lulu (Gadgeteen/Heart)

Spell = Glitterlance, Range = 4

Lulu fires a magic bolt at her target, dealing 240/360/540 magic damage to both the target and the enemy or enemies behind it, for 120/180/270.

Lulu needs 50 mana to use her spell.

Lux (Star Guardian/Spellslinger)

Spell = Lucent Singularity

Lux sends out an area-of-effect spell to a random enemy. After detention, it does 190/285/425 magic damage to nearby enemies and reduces their Attack Damage by 40% for four seconds.

Lux needs 70 mana to use her spell.

Nasus (Anima Squad/Mascot)

Spell = Bonk!, Range = 1

Nasus slams his staff on his target, dealing 60/90/135 physical damage and Chilling them for three seconds. The ‘Chill’ effect reduces attack speed by 40%.

Nasus needs 60 mana to use his spell.

Poppy (Gadgeteen/Defender)

Spell = Buckler Toss, Range = 1

Poppy tosses her buckler towards the farthest enemy, dealing 175%/250%/375% of her armor as magic damage. The buckler then returns and shields Poppy for 250/300/375 health for three seconds.

Poppy needs 80 mana to use her spell but starts with 40.

Renekton (Laser Corps/Brawler)

Spell = Dominus, Range = 1

Renekton strengthens himself for eight seconds, gaining an extra 200/250/300 health and causing his attacks to deal 6% of his max health as bonus magic damage.

Renekton needs 50 mana to use his spell.

Sylas (Anima Squad/Renegade)

Spell = Battle Blast, Range = 1

Sylas spins his chains around him, healing himself for 150/175/200 health and dealing 10%/12%/18% of his death as magic damage to nearby enemies.

Sylas needs 80 mana to use his spell but starts with 30.

Talon (Ox Force/Renegade)

Spell = OX-ian Diplomacy, Range = 1

Talon jumps to the furthest enemy from the center of the board and stabs them for 200/300/450 magic damage. If this kills the enemy, Talon heals for 100/200/450 health.

Talon needs 70 mana to use his spell.

Wukong (Mecha: PRIME/Defender)

Spell = Stone Skin, Range = 1

Wukong spins his staff, dealing 140/210/315 magic damage to nearby enemies. He gains 50/75/100 armor and magic resist for every enemy hit for three seconds.

Wukong needs 100 mana to use his spell, but starts with 50.

2-Cost champions in Set 8

Sivir Set 8 champions
The Pizza Delivery Sivir skin. | Provided by Riot Games.

Annie (Ox Force/Gadgeteen/Spellslinger)

Spell = Burst Shield, Range = 2

Annie blasts a cone of fire, dealing 140/210/335 magic damage to enemies in front of her. Then, she makes a 325/400/500 health shield on herself for four seconds.

Annie needs 80 mana to use her spell but starts with 20.

Camille (A.D.M.I.N./Renegade)

Spell = Tactical Sweep, Range = 1

Camille sweeps her leg, dealing 180%/200%/225% of her attack damage and 60/75/100 bonus damage to enemies within the cone, Disarming them for 1.5/1.6/1.75 seconds. The Disarm effect means the target can’t move or attack for the time listed.

Camille needs 70 mana to use her spell.

Draven (Mecha: PRIME/Ace)

Spell = Whirling Death, Range = 4

Draven hurls two big axes in his target’s direction, which eventually reverses and returns. Everyone in its path takes 65/100/175 physical damage, reduced by 25% for each enemy the axes have passed through.

Draven needs 80 mana to use his spell.

Ezreal (Underground/Recon)

Spell = Sabotage, Range = 4

Ezreal fires an orb at his target, Chilling them by 30%/40%/50% for four seconds. Then, he fires another shot at the target, which deals 215/320/510 magic damage to the target and enemies nearby.

Ezreal needs 55 mana to use his spell.

Fiora (Ox Force/Duelist)

Spell = En Garde!, Range = 1

Fiora lunges at her enemy, dealing 225%/225%/250% of her physical damage to all enemies hit. Then, for the next eight seconds, she takes 15% less damage and her attacks restore 30/40/50 health per attack.

Fiora needs 80 mana to use her spell but starts with 30.

Jinx (Anima Squad/Prankster)

Spell = Fishbones, Range = 4

Jinx fires a rocket at her target that explodes for 200/300/480 magic damage to nearby enemies, stunning them all for 1.5 seconds.

Jinx needs 75 mana to use her spell but starts with 25.

Lee Sin (Supers/Brawler/Heart)

Spell = Safeguard, Range = 1

Lee Sin dashes to a nearby ally, shielding them for 180/220/270 health alongside himself for four seconds. After that, he dashes back to his original target and does 240%/240%/250% of his attack damage to them.

Lee Sin needs 70 mana to use his spell.

Malphite (Supers/Mascot)

Spell = Ground Slam, Range = 1

Malphite slams the ground, doing 140/215/335 magic damage to nearby enemies. He also gains 100/125/150 armor for four seconds.

Malphite needs 80 mana to use his spell but starts with 40.

Rell (Star Guardian/Defender)

Spell = Iron Bond, Range = 1

Rell forms a tether with her lowest percent health ally, dealing 140/210/335 magic damage to all nearby enemies for her and her tethered ally. Also, both her and her ally gain 50%/60%/70% of Rell’s current armor and magic resist.

Sivir (Civilian/Sureshot)

Spell = Pizza Delivery, Range = 4

Sivir throws her pizza at her target, dealing 400%/400%/425% of her physical damage. It then splits into slices and goes to the nearest three allies, healing them for 80/100/125 health.

Sivir needs 70 mana to use her spell.

Vi (Underground/Brawler/Aegis)

Spell = Blast Shield, Range = 1

Vi gives herself a 275/350/450 health shield, and Sunders nearby enemies for four seconds by 40%/50%/70%. The Sunder effect reduces enemy armor. Also, she deals 200% attack damage to nearby enemies.

Vi needs 80 mana to use her spell.

Yasuo (Laser Corps/Duelist)

Spell = Steel Tempest, Range = 1

Yasuo fires a whirlwind at his target, dealing 210/315/500 magic damage and knocking up the target and targets behind it for 1.5 seconds. But, he will dash before using his ability to knock up the most units possible.

Yasuo needs 90 mana to use his spell.

Yuumi (Star Guardian/Mascot/Heart)

Spell = Prowling Projectile, Range = 5

Yuumi fires a curved missile at the furthest enemy in her range, dealing 255/385/600 magic damage.

Yuumi needs 50 mana to use her spell.

3-Cost champions in Set 8

Kai'Sa Set 8
The Star Guardian Kai’Sa skin. | Provided by Riot Games.

Alistar (Ox Force/Mascot/Aegis)

Spell = Pulverize, Range = 1

Alistar slams the ground under his target, dealing 140/210/375 magic damage and knocking them up for 1.5 seconds. He then heals himself and the lowest health ally for 20% of his maximum health.

Alistar needs 175 mana to use his spell but starts with 75.

Cho’Gath (Threat)

Spell = Cosmic Bellow, Range = 1

Passive: Cho’Gath gains 75/100/150 magic resist.

Active: Cho’Gath breathes a cosmic beam in a forward cone, dealing 150%/200%/250% magic damage and Mana Reaving targets for 35%/50%/65% of their mana. The Mana Reave effect means that enemies hit have a higher mana cap for their next ability.

Cho’Gath needs 120 mana to use his spell but starts with 40.

Jax (Mecha: PRIME/Brawler)

Spell = Adaptive Strike, Range = 1

Passive: Jax does a bonus 110/165/285 magic damage every third attack. This effect stacks up to seven times in battle, for 30/45/75 damage each.

Jax requires no mana.

Kai’Sa (Star Guardian/Recon)

Spell = Starcharged, Range = 4

Passive: Kai’Sa attacks apply Plasma, stacking up to two times on enemies. When an enemy with two stacks is hit, it does 150/225/385 magic damage.

Active: Kai’Sa gets 40%/50%/65% attack speed for 10 seconds, which stacks in combat.

Kai’Sa needs 60 mana to use her spell.

LeBlanc (A.D.M.I.N./Spellslinger/Hacker)

Spell = Sigil of Malice, Range = 4

LeBlanc fires 5/6/8 sigils at her target, doing 80/100/130 damage each. If the target dies, then the remaining sigils go to the nearest enemy but an extra one is added.

LeBlanc needs 60 mana to use her spell.

Nilah (Star Guardian/Duelist)

Spell = Apotheosis, Range = 1

Nilah twirls her blade, dealing 90/135/235 magic damage to nearby enemies. She also heals herself and her nearby allies 275/325/400 over one second.

Nilah needs 125 mana to use her spell but starts with 50.

Rammus (Threat)

Spell = Sand Slam, Range = 1

Passive: Rammus gains 60/90/150 armor.

Active: Rammus spins and jumps, landing in the largest group of enemies, doing 130%/175%/225% of a mix of armor and magic damage. The slam also reduces the attack damage by 40% of all enemies that were hit.

Rammus needs 120 mana to use his spell but starts with 60.

Riven (Anima Squad/Defender/Brawler)

Spell = Bunny Blade, Range = 1

Riven gets a 325/400/500 health shield for four seconds, empowering her next three attacks for 90/135/235 magic damage. If Riven has more health than her target, she does 100% more magic damage.

Riven needs 90 mana to use her spell but starts with 30.

Senna (Laser Corps/Sureshot)

Spell = Piercing Darkness, Range = 4

Senna fires a laser beam in the direction of a nearby enemy, dealing 170%/180%/190% of her attack damage.

Senna needs 80 mana to use her spell.

Sona (Underground/Spellslinger/Heart)

Spell = Crescendo Sequence, Range = 4

Sona fires 2 beams, cycling between three phases:

1: Deals 150/225/395 magic damage to nearby enemies.

2: Heals the lowest health allies for 180/220/300 health.

3: Deals 100/150/265 magic damage to the nearest enemies and stuns them.

Sona needs 40 mana to use her spell.

Vayne (Anima Squad/Duelist/Recon)

Spell = Silver Bolt, Range = 4

Vayne fires a 120%/120%/130% true damage shot at her target.

Vayne need 40 mana to use her spell.

Vel’Koz (Threat)

Spell = Frozen Tomb, Range = 4

Vel’Koz stuns the enemy champion that has dealt the most damage for 2/2.25/2.5 seconds, dealing 300/450/775 magic damage.

Vel’Koz needs 60 mana to use his spell.

Zoe (Gadgeteen/Hacker/Prankster)

Spell = Trouble Bubble, Range = 4

Zoe launches a bubble at the nearest non-infected enemy, infecting them with a virus that does 375/550/1000 magic damage over 10 seconds. Infected enemies take 10%/10%/20% more damage from all sources.

Zoe needs 30 mana to use her spell.

4-Cost champions in Set 8

The Empyrean Zac skin. | Provided by Riot Games.

Aurelion Sol (Threat)

Spell = Meteor Shower, Range = 4

Aurelion Sol calls down 4/4/6 meteors on random enemies, exploding for 135/200/450 magic damage and burning them for 10 seconds, dealing 10% of the target’s maximum health as true damage and reducing incoming healing by 33%.

Aurelion Sol needs 90 mana to use his spell.

Bel’Veth (Threat)

Spell = Endless Banquet, Range = 2

Bel’Veth dashes around her target and attacks 250% of her attacks per second, each dealing 50%/50%/150% of her attack damage. Each time this is cast, she gains 30% of her attack speed for the rest of combat, which stacks.

Bel’Veth needs 30 mana to use her spell.

Ekko (Star Guardian/Prankster/Aegis)

Spell = Star Diver, Range = 1

Ekko dives near his target, giving himself a 550/700/3000 health shield for five seconds and taunts all nearby enemies. When his shield breaks, it deals 100/150/1500 damage to nearby enemies and slows their attack speed by 50% for two seconds.

Ekko needs 150 mana to use his spell but starts with 75.

Miss Fortune (Anima Squad/Ace)

Spell = Bullet Time, Range = 4

Miss Fortune fires eight waves of bullets in her target’s direction for two seconds. Each enemy takes 50/70/250 damage from the first wave that hits them, and then 25/35/150 for each wave afterwards.

Miss Fortune needs 105 mana to use her spell.

Samira (Underground/Sureshot/Ace)

Spell = Flair, Range = 4

Samira rapidly fires bullets at her target for 1.5 seconds, dealing 500%/525%/1000% of her attack damage. Bullets ricochet to nearby enemies, for 20% less damage.

Samira needs 75 mana to use her spell.

Sejuani (Laser Corps/Brawler)

Spell = Cryo Grenade, Range = 1

Sejuani throws a grenade at the closest enemy that explodes for 125/200/1200 damage after a two-second delay. Enemies within three hexes of the grenade are then stunned for 1.5/2/8 seconds.

Sejuani needs 180 mana to use her spell but starts with 80.

Sett (Mecha: PRIME/Defender)

Spell = Mecha SLAM!, Range = 1

Sett gets a 325/425/1500 health shield and becomes immune to crowd control for 2.5 seconds. He then charges up while his shield is active, and if the shield breaks or expires, he deals physical damage based on how long the shield was up. The minimum it can do is 140%/150%/300%, and the maximum it can do is 240%/250%/400%.

Sett needs 150 mana to use his spell but starts with 75.

Soraka (A.D.M.I.N./Heart)

Spell = Starcall, Range = 4

Soraka launches a star at her target, dealing 225/340/750 magic damage and healing herself for 10% of her maximum health. Every three casts, she launches 3/3/5 stars at her nearest enemies.

Soraka needs 40 mana to use her spell.

Taliyah (Star Guardian/Spellslinger)

Spell = Weaver’s Wall, Range = 4

Taliyah summons a wall of rocks in a line toward enemy units, dealing 70/100/250 magic damage to every enemy in its path. After a small delay, it explodes, dealing 200/300/900 magic damage to those same enemies.

Taliyah needs 90 mana to use her spell.

Viego (Ox Force/Renegade)

Spell = Heartbreaker, Range = 1

Viego jumps to the largest group of enemies, hitting the enemy with the lowest health, dealing 250/375/850 magic damage to the main target while dealing 125/185/425 magic damage to enemies around the target. If Viego kills an enemy with his ability, he casts his spell again with 18%/18%/1% reduced damage.

Viego needs 50 mana to use his spell.

Zac (Threat)

Spell = Symbiotic Split, Range = 1

Passive: Upon dying, Zac splits into 2/2/4 smaller Zac blobs with 40%/40%/50% of Zac’s maximum health that taunt nearby enemies.

Active: Zac bounces in the air and slams down, dealing 100/150/1500 magic damage to nearby enemies. Zac then heals for 20% of his missing health.

Zac needs 100 mana to use his spell.

Zed (Laser Corps/Duelist/Hacker)

Spell = Empowered Kill Mode, Range = 1

Zed teleports behind his target and Sunders his target for 15/20/50 armor for a few seconds. He then enters KILL Mode for 6/6/15 seconds. For that duration, attacks deal a bonus 30/45/200 physical damage and every third attack deals damage to all adjacent enemies.

Zed needs 40 mana to use his spell.

5-Cost champions in Set 8

The Forecaster Janna skin. | Provided by Riot Games.

Aphelios (Ox Force/Arsenal/Sureshot)

Spell = Weapons of the Faithful, Range = 4

The player chooses one of three weapons for Aphelios when he is placed on the board. Each has a different spell effect.

  1. Binding Eclipse = Aphelios shoots a wide spotlight at the largest group of enemies, hitting them for 55/85/2000 physical damage and stunning them for 1.5/2/15 seconds.
  2. Duskwave = Aphelios shoots a wave of energy, dealing 45/75/2000 magic damage to enemies in a far cone, locking onto them. Then, after a delay, Aphelios fires a volley of shots toward the locked-on enemies, dealing 200%/200%/800% of his attack damage.
  3. Onslaught = Aphelios enters an onslaught for 1.75 seconds, performing six attacks over the duration at the nearest two enemies, dealing 55/85/2000 physical damage to each enemy.

Aphelios needs 140 mana to use any of his three spells but he starts with 40.

Fiddlesticks (Corrupted/Threat)

Spell = Dark Harvest, Range = 1

Fiddlesticks teleports into the biggest cluster of enemies, fearing them for 1/1/5 seconds while draining life from them, doing 85/125/750 magic damage over the course of 5/5/30 seconds.

Fiddlesticks needs 90 mana to use his spell, but the first cast will always be based on his Corrupted trait.

Janna (Civilian/Spellslinger/Forecaster)

Spell = Twister!, Range = 4

Janna sends a twister toward the largest group of enemies. The twister grows once it hits its destination, knocking all enemies up and stunning them for 1.5/2/3 seconds. It also does 100/150/3000 magic damage per second for three seconds.

Janna needs 140 mana to use her spell but starts with 70.

Leona (Mecha: PRIME/Renegade/Aegis)

Spell = Deus Ex Machina, Range = 1

Leona locks onto get target and calls an orbital strike. After a short delay, a laser fires onto the target, dealing 350/525/5000 true damage per second until the target dies. It also does 80/120/2000 magic damage to nearby enemies.

Leona needs 75 mana to use her spell.

Mordekaiser (Laser Corps/Ace)

Spell = Skylines, Range = 1

Mordekaiser brings the entire area into his realm for 4/4/6 seconds, Shredding all enemies by 50%/50%/70%, then slams a building onto the arena that deals 400/600/3000 magic damage to every enemy hit.

The Shred effect means that the enemies affected have reduced magic resist.

Nunu (Gadgeteen/Mascot)

Spell = Biggest Roboball Ever!, Range = 1

Passive = Nunu and Willump slowly roll a ball around the board, dealing 135/205/2000 magic damage to all enemies they go through. They passively gain 30 mana per second.

Active: Nunu and Willump grow the ball, increasing speed, radius and damage by 40%.

Nunu needs 90 mana to use their spell.

Syndra (Star Guardian/Heart)

Spell = Force of Will, Range = 4

Syndra picks up a random unit on your bench, granting them a 200/600/4000 health shield and flinging onto the board towards the closest enemy, stunning them for 1/1/8 seconds. The unit remains on the board, but the traits are unaffected except for Corrupted.

Syndra needs 160 mana to use her spell but starts with 90.

Urgot (Threat)

Spell = Undertow, Range = 3

Passive: Urgot fires five attacks per second, dealing physical damage.

Active: Urgot summons a wave behind his enemies, hitting opponents for 20%/30%/80% of their maximum health as magic damage and stunning them for 1.2/1.5/5 seconds while knocking them one hex forward. Hitting enemies also has a 12%/15%/100% change to dredge up treasure (gold and other possible loot).

Urgot needs 175 mana to use his spell, but starts with 100.

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