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Christmas is coming early for players that are tired of seeing Ashe Supers reroll in their games. In the final update before the Teamfight Tactics balance team signs off for the rest of the year, Ashe alongside many other champions, traits, items and augments are getting nerfed in the 12.23 B-Patch which has just gone live on servers worldwide.

Here is a look at the important changes so players can get a leg up on the competition during the holiday break.

Important changes

As explained above, Ashe has received significant nerfs in three different departments in an effort to lower her winrate. Her Attack Damage, her spell flat attack damage and her spell percentage attack damage have all be lowered with her percent attack damage seeing the biggest hit going from 55% at three-star to just 40%.

Another overperformer getting nerfs is Viego who is the star carry in the Ox Force Renegade comp and like Ashe, Viego also has nerfs in three different departments. As one of the premier magic damage carries, Viego has simply been doing too much damage while being able to land reset after reset but it will be hard for him to do so after this patch. That’s because his target spell damage, his AoE spell damage and the reset spell damage have all been lowered.

There are a couple of champion buffs though to help underperformers get in line with the rest of the roster. Fiddlesticks is one of the big winners in this patch getting an extra 200 base HP as well as increased movement speed when he casts his spell which should help him survive longer in fights as well as CC more enemy champions. Other champions receiving buffs include Syndra, Yuumi, Aurelion Sol, and Miss Fortune.

In the Traits department, Heart and Recon are getting buffed while Ox Force is getting nerfed which ties into the nerfed items in this b-patch in which Redemption and Warmog’s Armor are getting their healing and raw HP reduced because the champions that have them are simply surviving longer than they should be. Oh, and the Gadgeteen bug that produces infinite items is being patched out too, sorry bug abusers.

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