TFT Set 8 Miss Fortune Guide - Comps, Items and More
Miss Fortune TFT Set 8
Provided by Michael Czar.

TFT Set 8 Miss Fortune Guide – Comps, Items and More

One of the best units in TFT Set 8 takes some time to learn

In TFT Set 8, Miss Fortune has been one of the best units of the entire set. Here is a guide to Miss Fortune, what items to equip her with and what team compositions you can run. Despite her rarity in-game, once you get her, sometimes building around her can lead to easy wins thanks to her ability and her secondary trait.

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TFT Set 8 Miss Fortune explained

First off, let’s go over Miss Fortune’s traits and her ability as of Feb. 2023.

She’s a 4-cost unit in TFT, with two traits: Anima Squad and Ace. Anima Squad gives its units extra attack damage and ability power based on how many you have in your comp, along with stacking Fame which gives health on its units’ kills. Ace, if you only run one or four, lets its units execute enemies at low health.

Her ability is Bullet Time, which fires eight waves of bullets over two seconds in a cone toward her enemies. The enemies that take the first bullet in the cone take more, but the rest afterwards do less damage.

The damage breakdown is 40/60/180 magic damage per bullet, and 20/30/100 reduced damage after the first bullet hits. Those three numbers relate to the level of the unit, meaning that the first number is a 1-star version, the second is a 2-star and the third is a 3-star version of Miss Fortune.

Best items for Miss Fortune

As a high magic damage dealer with the Ace trait, Miss Fortune gets a lot of value from magic items that stay useful as the game progresses. One of the best examples of that is Jeweled Gauntlet, an item that allows her ability to critically strike and plow through multiple enemies. It’s essentially a must-have, as her ability instantly becomes twice as good with it.

The next couple of items are great but not as essential as the Jeweled Gauntlet. The first is Spear of Shojin, which allows her to cast her ability faster in combat. A new item that works as well is Guardbreaker, which not only gives Miss Fortune more attack damage and ability power but the damage boost if she hits shields (which she probably will with her ability).

Another great choice is Statikk Shiv, giving Miss Fortune more starting mana, attack speed and a way to whittle down enemies’ magic resist. Lastly, Giant Slayer is solid due to the attack speed buff and the increased damage against high-health targets.

Miss Fortune team comps

To clarify, there are three team comps in which Miss Fortune can get a lot of value, so here’s a rundown of those builds and how they’re different.

Anima Squad Miss Fortune

This particular build is the most obvious and easiest one to build Miss Fortune around. We already have an extensive guide on Anima Squad compositions in TFT Set 8, which includes this specific comp. As a quick rundown, you try and get Anima Squad up as soon as possible from units like Sylas, Nasus and Jinx. Then, you continue to build your trait as you try and build items on your eventual Vayne and Miss Fortune champions.

Miss Fortune TFT Set 8
The Anima Squad Miss Fortune comp in its mid-game in TFT Set 8. | Provided by Michael Czar.

No matter what, for Miss Fortune, keep her near or in one of the corners to get maximum value from her ability. Plus, once you get Miss Fortune, you’ll be able to get Fame stacks a lot easier.

Ace Miss Fortune

Another popular composition revolves around Miss Fortune, but her secondary trait more than her primary one. While tougher to get thanks to fewer units and a legendary or Ace Emblem needed to complete it, the Ace trait makes Miss Fortune even more dangerous when she uses her ability. We also covered this build, but in a different guide about the best comps in Set 8.

A quick recap, this composition is a little different now with Laser Corps as a secondary trait. Instead of running Mecha: PRIME, you keep Renekton and Yasuo and aim for Senna, Zed and Sejuani. You collect Ace units on your bench, building items for either Samira or Miss Fortune. Then, you aim for Mordekaiser or that Ace Emblem and throw all the Ace units in to roll through boards with executions.

Aegis Miss Fortune

This is the newest variation of the Miss Fortune comp, so here is the full list.

  • Vi (Underground/Aegis/Brawler)
  • Alistar (Ox Force/Mascot/Aegis)
  • Ekko (Star Guardian/Prankster/Aegis)
  • Miss Fortune (Anima Squad/Ace)
  • Sejuani (Laser Corps/Brawler)
  • Fiddlesticks (Threat)
  • Leona (Mecha: PRIME/Aegis/Renegade)
  • Urgot (Threat)

This composition is very late game and capitalizes on building a super tanky frontline and the solo Ace version of Miss Fortune. It is very similar to the Anima Squad comp, but instead of stacking Fame and adding damage, you go for the late game by saving money, levelling up fast and getting units like Leona, Fiddlesticks and Urgot to help keep Miss Fortune alive. Plus, with the recent Set 8 Aegis buffs, they can add a lot of Magic Resist to the team, including Miss Fortune.

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