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The latest patch notes for TFT are live, with this 13.1 mid-patch bringing some exciting changes to games online. Not only is Aegis getting a buff, but champions like Ezreal, Bel’Veth and Aphelios have significant differences. Even some items are getting some new aspects to them, such as Infinity Edge giving more mana.

Champion buffs and nerfs in patch 13.1

Let’s go over the changes that each champion gets in this patch. The groups will be separated by their cost.

1-cost champions

  • Ashe’s Attack Damage: formerly 55, now 60
  • Gangplank’s Trial By Fire Damage: formerly 200/300/450, now 210/315/475
  • Lulu’s Glitterlance Damage: formerly 240/360/540, now 260/390/580
  • Wukong’s Stone Skin Armor & Magic Resist: formerly 50/75/100, now 60/70/80

Long story short, every one cost on this list is getting a slight buff except for Wukong. His level 1 version is a buff, but his level two and three are worse than the previous patch.

2-cost champions

  • Ezreal’s Sabotage Damage: formerly 215/320/510, now 230/345/535
  • Fiora En Garde’s on-hit Heal: formerly 30/40/50, now 30/40/55
  • Lee Sin’s Armor & Magic Resist: formerly 45, now 50
  • Lee Sin’s Safeguard Attack Damage ratio: formerly 240/240/250, now 275/275/280%
  • Rell’s Health: formerly 750, now 800
  • Yuumi’s Prowling Projectile Damage: formerly 220/330/510, now 230/345/535

According to the team, this Ezreal buff was meant to enter earlier, now properly integrated into the game. Fiora gets a small buff at level 3, Lee Sin gets two key buffs to his overall tank nature, and Rell and Yuumi are a little stronger. The team was clear to say that they overly nerfed Yuumi in previous patches, making her a bit stronger but making sure not to make her as overpowered as she was earlier in this set of TFT.

3-cost champions

  • Zoe’s Trouble Bubble Damage: formerly 375/550/925, now 390/585/975

Only one three-cost change for this patch, a buff to Zoe’s bubble damage at all ranks.

4-cost champions

  • Aurelion Sol’s Meteor Shower Damage: formerly 135/200/400, now 145/215/435
  • Bel’Veth’s Endless Banquet Attack Damage ratio: formerly 50/50/150%, now 75/75/200%
  • Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time first bullet Damage: formerly 45/65/210, now 40/60/18
  • Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time subsequent bullet Damage: formerly 25/35/105, now 20/30/100
  • Samira’s Flair Base Damage: formerly 100/130/666, now 80/100/666
  • Samira’s Flair Attack Damage ratio: formerly 500/525/1500, now 480/490/1250
  • Sejuani’s Health: formerly 950, now 1000
  • Sejuani’s Armor & Magic Resist: formerly 60, now 70
  • Sett’s Mana nerf: formerly 75/150, now 80/180
  • Viego’s Heartbreaker Damage fall off: formerly 18/18/1%, now 20/20/10%
  • Zed’s Empowered Kill Mode Sunder: formerly 15/20/50, now 20/30/100

There’s a lot of changes to four-cost champs in TFT with this mid-patch. Miss Fortune and Samira got the two most significant nerfs, alongside Sett and Viego. Sejuani and Zed got some slight buffs, possibly making the Laser Corps comp stronger. Most notably, both Aurelion Sol and Bel’Veth got stronger, so fitting them into your comps might get more value than before.

5-cost champions

  • Aphelios’ Attack Damage: formerly 75, now 80
  • Aphelios’ Gravitum (Purple gun) Attack Damage ratio: formerly 150/150/1500%, now 130/130/800%
  • Aphelios’ Gravitum (Purple gun) base Damage: formerly 45/75/2000, now 45/75/500
  • Aphelios’ Gravitum (Purple gun) Stun Duration: formerly 1.5/2/15, now 1.25/2/15 sec
  • Aphelios’ Infernum (Blue gun) Spell AD%: formerly 225/225/1500%, now 275/275/1500%
  • Aphelios’ Infernum (Blue gun) Spell Base Damage: formerly 45/75/2000, now 55/85/2000
  • Aphelios’ Infernum (Blue gun) now has a slightly increased cone radius
  • Aphelios’ Severum (Red gun) Spell Base Damage: formerly 45/75/2000, now 55/85/2000
  • Nunu & Willump’s Armor & Magic Resist: formerly 55, now 60

Most of the changes are coming to Aphelios and his multiple guns. According to the team, the purple form’s utility and stun were too good and made that gun a constant choice, so that was nerfed while his other two guns were buffed. On top of that, Nunu gets a slight Armor and Magic Resist buff.

Trait changes in TFT 13.1 patch notes

Here are all the trait changes in this mid-patch.

  • ADMIN on ally death gain Mana: formerly 40, now 20
  • ADMIN on ally death chance to drop Gold: formerly 40%, now 33%
  • Aegis Magic Resist: formerly 20/35/50/75, now 20/40/60/90
  • Brawler Health: formerly 20/40/65/90%, now 20/40/65/99%
  • Duelist Attack Speed per stack: formerly 5/10/16/24, now 5/9/15/24
  • LaserCorps Drone Damage: formerly 65/165/200, now 60/160/200
  • Mascot max Health Regen per 2 seconds: formerly 1.5/2.5/4.5/10%, now 1.5/2.75/5.5/10%
  • Spellslinger Ability Power: formerly 25/55/85/125, now 25/60/95/140
  • Sureshot Attack Damage bonus: formerly 10/20%, now 8/20%

Aegis is now better in its later stages, scaling better. Brawler 8 is also now much better but is still rare to get in-game. Duelist gets a slight nerf, similar to Laser Corps. Mascot gets a buff for its middle two tiers, while Spellslinger gets overall buffs as it scales. Lastly, Sureshot is a little worse with only two, as that was providing too much value to add in along with a strong frontline.

Augment changes in TFT 13.1 patch notes

  • Cruel Pact Tactician Health regen per turn: formerly 3, now 2

Only one non-hero augment change, which is for the very powerful Cruel Pact, now making it weaker with less health regen per turn.

  • Ashe’s Corps Focus base Attack Speed: formerly 20%, now 15%
  • Galio’s Justice Punch Mana reduction: formerly 50, now 70
  • Talon’s Ox-ian Rage base Attack Damage & Ability Power: formerly 12, now 10
  • Wukong’s Re-Energize Mana restore: formerly 60%, now 50%
  • Sivir’s Endless Pizza missing Health heal percentage: formerly 15%, now 12%
  • Sivir’s Endless Pizza time to proc: formerly 7, now 8 sec
  • Lee Sin’s Cleansing Safeguard missing Health percentage heal: formerly 12%, now 18%
  • Yasuo’s Siphoning Winds Omnivamp: 50%, formerly 60%
  • Cho’Gath’s Energy Void Magic Resist steal: formerly 60%, now 70%
  • Jax’s Relentless Assault Attack Speed per third attack: formerly 9%, now 12%
  • Vel’Koz’s Frostburn burn bonus damage percent: formerly 200%, now 300%
  • Miss Fortune’s Bunny Mercenary shield Health: formerly 250, now 200
  • Syndra’s Power Overwhelming bonus AP, AD, MR, and Armor: formerly 70, now 80
Ashe PROJECT skin League of Legends
The PROJECT Ashe skin in League of Legends and TFT. | Provided by Riot Games.

A lot more changes came to hero augments this patch, with notable buffs for Galio’s Justice Punch and Lee Sin’s Cleansing Safeguard. Alongside that, augments like Sivir’s Endless Pizza and Ashe’s Corps Focus get nerfs.

Item changes in TFT 13.1 patch notes

  • Radiant Runaan’s Hurricane Attack Speed: formerly 40%, now 20%
  • Radiant Spear of Shojin Ability Power: formerly 30, now 50
  • Radiant Spear of Shojin Mana on 3rd Attack: formerly 30, now 40
  • Anima Visage Health: formerly 150, now 250
  • Anima Visage max Health regen per sec: formerly 4%, now 2.5%
  • Deaths Defiance Omnivamp: formerly 20%, now 25%
  • Dragon Claw max Health regen: formerly 5%, now 4%
  • Infinity Force now gives champions +25 Mana and +25 Critical Strike Chance
  • Manazane Mana restore: formerly 150, now 120
  • The Collector Attack Damage: formerly 30%, now 20%

Almost all changes are applied to either Radiant or Ornn’s items, with Infinity Edge and Dragon Claw as the only non-rare item changes. Infinity Edge now gives mana and extra crit change to its wielder. As for Dragon Claw, it heals a little slower now.

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