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If you’ve played Fortnite for a long time, you’ll not be surprised to hear that the new LEGO Fortnite mode comes with its own Quests and rewards. Here’s how you can complete them, and what you’ll earn.

Quests have been a staple of Fortnite for a long time, allowing you to earn rewards like cosmetics, or XP to level up your Battle Pass.

LEGO Fortnite comes with four Quests at launch, but it’s very possible we’ll see more appear as time goes on.

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Every LEGO Fortnite Quest and Reward

The four LEGO Fortnite Quests are:

Build a Crafting Bench in a Survival WorldOne Battle Pass Level Up
Create and play in a Sandbox WorldOne Battle Pass Level Up
Find and enter a cave in a Survival WorldOne Battle Pass Level Up
Get a village rating of four in a Survival WorldOne Battle Pass Level Up

Thankfully, none of these are too difficult, so getting them all should be pretty easy.

How to complete all LEGO Fortnite quests

Build a Crafting Bench in a Survival World

This one is incredibly easy and is something you will have to do early on in any Survival World. Crafting Benches are what allow you to build tools, and require three pieces of wood and five pieces of granite to build.

Simply press the build button, shown on the bottom left of your screen, click on Crafting Bench, and place it down.

A LEGO Fortnite player building a Crafting Bench, with UI showing it will cost three wood and five granite.
Building a Crafting Bench is super important, but very easy. Screenshot via Upcomer.

Create and Play in a Sandbox World

This one also isn’t too difficult. Rather than load up into a Survival game, simply pick the Sandbox option, which will allow you to build without having to worry about gathering resources, keeping an eye on your hunger bar, or fighting monsters.

To start a Sandbox World:

  1. Open Fortnite, and click on LEGO Fortnite on the main menu.
  2. Click on the “Select World” grey box above the yellow “Play” button.
  3. Click on “Create New World.”
  4. In the options, select “Sandbox” instead of “Survival” from the “Game Mode” section.
  5. Press “Start.”
LEGO Fortnite's Create World menu, with Sandbox selected as the Game Mode.
You’ll need to make sure you change the game mode. Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you land in the new world and play around for a bit, you’ll receive a notification that the Quest is complete.

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Find and enter a cave in a Survival World

Another easy challenge, you don’t even have to do anything inside the cave, just jump in and the Quest is finished.

To find caves, keep an eye out for a mountain symbol on your map as seen below. Once you find one, simply walk to the entrance, interact with it using the button prompted, and you’ll enter.

LEGO Fortnite map showing two cave icons, circled in red.
Keep an eye out for these icons on your map. Screenshot via Upcomer

Get a village rating of four in a Survival World

This one will likely be the toughest, as you’ll need to upgrade your village three times to complete it. To upgrade your village, you’ll need to spend items such as wood, granite, planks, and more, with each level costing a little more every time.

To upgrade your village:

  1. Walk over to your Village Square monument and interact with it using the button prompted.
  2. When the Village Square UI appears, select “Upgrade Village.”
  3. You will then be shown the requirements to upgrade your village. If you meet those, you’ll be able to upgrade to the next level.

As you can see, I’m currently level three and will need 10 Knotroot, 15 planks, and 25 granite to hit level four and complete this quest.

LEGO Fortnite's Upgrade Village screen, which asks for 10 Knotroot, 15 planks, and 25 granite to upgrade to Level Four.
Upgrading your village won’t be cheap. Screenshot via Upcomer

Complete these four Quests, and you’ll level up your Battle Pass four times, which isn’t too bad considering how easy they are. So jump in, and get cracking!