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Last Epoch spear screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

All classes in Last Epoch

You've got options.

The most important choice of any ARPG is what class you are going to play. This will determine your playstyle, and ultimately how much you enjoy your time in the game. Last Epoch is no different.

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Now heading into full release, there are plenty of ways to play Last Epoch, but not all of these classes are going to be perfect for you. Before you make a choice, why not take a look at everything that is on offer?

Every Last Epoch class

There are a total of five classes in Last Epoch as it arrives in full release. Within these, each has three subclasses with two making their debut when patch 1.0 goes live.

To help you pick the right one for you, here is a brief rundown of how each class works.


Paladin screenshot Last Epoch
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

The Sentinel class in Last Epoch is what many will be familiar with as the warrior, or barbarian from other games. Playing this class will mean you wield swords, shields, and other heavy weapons with the objective being to tank massive damage while you rip through your enemies.

There are three sub-classes available within the Sentinel class, and each caters to a distinct playstyle.

Forge Guard

Forge Guard is the perfect way to tank massive groups of enemies and take them out with incredible area-of-effect attacks. This class is all about tanking damage and striking groups of enemies at once.

Void Knight

Void Knight is one of the best subclasses for Sentinel in Last Epoch. With this class, you’ll use the void to inflict major damage with huge strikes, that can inflict damage over time on your foes. This is one of the two damage-focused classes for the Sentinel, and likely the most aggressive of the lot.


The Paladin class uses the light to deal massive damage and assist allies in battle. This class has the capabilities to attack from range, along with close quarters, but what makes it most unique is that you can heal yourself and your allies in battle.


Last Epoch in game screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

It shouldn’t be any surprise but the Mage class wields arcane magic for battle purposes allowing players to cast attacks to increase defensive and offensive abilities. Again, there are three sub-classes for those who want to specialize in different combat styles.


The Runemaster uses all aspects of magic with wards crafted to deliver devastating elemental attacks at all ranges of the fight. These spells can also get the player out of tricky situations at a moment’s notice.


Spellblade might be the most unique of the classes available for the Mage in Last Epoch. As the name suggests, this class uses magic to build a weapon that can be wielded for close-quarters combat, as well as to fire off devastating attacks. If you’re looking for a damage-based Mage class then this could be the right one for you.


The opposite of the Spellblade, Sorcerer is perfect for those who would prefer to stay at range. Using all of the elements, there is a variety of spells that can be used to deal major damage from a distance when playing the Sorcerer.


Necromancer screenshot Last Epoch
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

You’ll probably be more familiar with the Necromancer class from other games, but that also happens to be one of the sub-classes for Last Epoch’s Acolyte. This class uses forbidden magic to call upon evil powers to be used in battle.


The Lich will literally sacrifice her own health in battle. Using blood magic you can deal damage, steal life, and take down foes from close and mid-ranges with your health being the cost. If you’re after something different, then this could be the right class for you.


Necromancer needs little introduction, like most games this class sees the Acolyte create unholy monsters to do her battling. These can be used to allow the player the chance to sit back at range away from danger while still dealing incredible damage.


The Warlock class is set to launch with update 1.0. Right now details around this are scarce, but it is said to allow the Acolyte to twist the spirits of her foes breaking their minds and bodies in the process.


Last Epoch gameplay screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

If you like to play ARPGs from range with a crossbow or get nice and close with a knife then there shouldn’t really be any surprise that the Rogue class is the one for you. Like all classes, you’ve got three choices with distinctively different playstyles.


There are few details available for the Falconer subclass as it will only arrive with patch 1.0, however, it appears this will be a bird-tamer who uses an animal companion in battle alongside traps to take out the enemies.


Marksman is the best-ranged class in Last Epoch. You’re going to get the chance to sit back out of danger while simultaneously dealing massive amounts of damage to incoming foes. This is very likely to be one of the most popular classes in Last Epoch as it typically is in other ARPGs.


The Bladedancer is a subclass that will have you getting closer than ever to your prey with the help of sneaking abilities to stay mobile and throw off incoming attacks. It also happens to be one of the fastest-attacking classes in the game.


Druid Last Epoch
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

The Primalist is all about using the strength of the elements to enhance their combat abilities. This is a great alternative to the Sentinel if you’re after something capable of huge close-quarters damage, but also with a supernatural twist.


The Druid is a class that allows the Primalist to take advantage of the spirits of nature by literally becoming some of the creatures that frolic the world of Last Epoch. These creatures have their own unique skills for long and close-range attacks, and you can switch between them easily during battle.


Playing the Beastmaster will allow you to command a group of animals to do battle for you. This is similar to the Necromancer class, however, in this case, you will be getting right into the heat of battle alongside your animal companions, instead of staying at a distance.


Shaman is a class that mixes the elemental attacks of the Mage with the close-range antics of the Sentinel. You’ll be in the heat of battle while also casting huge elemental spells to take down enemies with brutal area-of-effect attacks.

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