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Popular content creator group “The Mob” announced last night on Twitter that they would be disbanding. This announcement came shortly after one of their members “Mako” made the decision to leave the group. The Mob consisted of four guys who enjoyed dominating Twitter and moderating Twitch chats for upcoming content creators.

Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag was one of the first people that The Mob got into contact with in their early days. When Nadeshot created 100 Thieves, he soon welcomed all four members of The Mob into his organization. They all moved to Los Angeles to start a content house where they would stream together and eventually start a podcast. The Mob was some of 100 Thieves’ first content creators when they joined the team in June of 2019.

Mako’s departure from The Mob and social media was hard for many fans of the group to process. Despite the heartbreak that came from his departure from social media, Mako wasn’t in the right headspace for it. He stated in his TwitLonger that “I do not want to be a content creator. I want nothing to do with this lifestyle, I don’t like being on camera I’m not good at any of it. My head’s been very unstable for a long time and I’m done pretending I’m okay when I’m not.”

What will happen to The Mob?

Froste, another member of The Mob, went on Twitch late last night to address some of the questions. He stated that he would be leaving Los Angeles and move back home to Chicago, Illinois. Mako also left LA to move back home to New York with his family. The final two members Classify and Avalanche will be the only members remaining in LA, but they will not remain at the house.

100 Thieves announced that The Mob members would remain in the organization as content creators. However, on stream Froste revealed that they would most likely not be doing videos together. Some members of the community speculated that The Mob would be disbanding after the organization signed content group 2Hype. 2Hype joined the organization back in early November with more followers and reach in the community.

The Mob had an outpouring of love from followers on Twitter who all wished the guys the best of luck in the future. Even Twitter Gaming’s official account tweeted out The Mob’s hashtag “RideTheMob” in appreciation.

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