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Brazilian fans bid farewell to yet another of their teams Monday at VALORANT Champions after Thailand’s X10 CRIT eliminated Vivo Keyd from the event in an astonishing 2-0 fashion, and after days of trash-talk and controversy on social media, banter between the region’s faithful and others in the VALORANT community peaked once again.

Vivo Keyd had been at the center of abundant controversy on social media during Champions after player Jonathan “JhoW” Glória used an illegal Cypher camera on Breeze against Acend that resulted in the map being replayed days later.

Acend got a 7-0 advantage on the map to account for the rounds in which Vivo Keyd used the illegal camera and the in-game economy impact the extra vision might have given Vivo Keyd. Acend went on to win the map 13-10, reversing Vivo Keyd’s previous series victory and putting them in danger of elimination.

VALORANT fans soon got into it with Brazilian fans on Twitter as regions from around the world began poking fun at Vivo Keyd for being unable to win a series without using cheats. One of the most notable beefs that happened on Twitter was between Sentinels’ Jared “zombs” Gitlin and Brazil’s fans. After saying that he ‘can’t wait to beat your s*** region again’ in response to a Brazilian VALORANT commentator, the fans from the region went wild. Despite the controversy it caused, zombs’ statement ended up being true.

X10 smash Vivo Keyd

Vivo Keyd and opponent X10 faced elimination Monday, but Vivo Keyd were expected to win the series after their incredible performances against Acend in days prior. That wasn’t the case as the team from Thailand swept the Brazilian team. At the end of the series, which ended 2-0 in favor of X10, only one player on Vivo Keyd went positive in KD (kills/deaths) and only by plus-two.

Acend’s Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek was the first to comment on Vivo Keyd’s loss.

This comment sent VALORANT Twitter into another frenzy with the phrase “without my illegal camera I can’t” plentifully dashed below cNed’s post. The posts called back to Acend narrowly winning against Vivo Keyd in a match they’d led 7-0 to start, and Brazilians had peppered social media with it following Acend’s series win.

“Nice try Vivo Keyd,” cNed said on Twitter. “See you next time!”

VALORANT fans bring up past World Cup loss

In 2014, Brazil faced Germany at the FIFA World Cup where, despite the hype for Brazil, Germany blew the Brazilians out of the water by defeating them 7-1. When X10 went up 7-1 against Vivo Keyd on Haven in the final map of the series, the resemblance from the past football failure was too great for those looking to troll Brazilian fans. Twitter began putting up the scores from 2014 and using that as a way to taunt the Brazilians now that they were sending yet another team home from Champions.

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