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A mystical new fighter is now available to utilize in your fights in Tekken 7. Zafina the astrologist returns to Tekken through Season Pass 3, and she packs quite the punch. Zafina is a longtime staple in the Tekken franchise, having joined the series all the way back in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Although, this time around she is sporting a whole new look and moves.

PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One gamers now have her the option to purchase and download Zafina. A free update for Tekken 7 also came out alongside her release. This update grants new moves to other characters; you can check out all the latest patch notes right here. Lucky Chloe, King, and Miguel will have noticeably different attacks you can now use.

Zafina’s background

Never one to be trifled with, Zafina is a fierce fighter wielding unorthodox assassin skills in battle. As a practitioner of Astrology, she is highly tuned to the ways of the universe. As a dealer of pain and death, she has been a sacred guardian of an Imperial Tomb, and is poised to destroy all challengers who dare face her in and outside of the ring.

Zafina’s launch trailer was also released today, showing off all her moves in battle. She looks like she’ll be quite useful, at least to players who know how to use her.

Zafina serves as just one of three fighters coming to the game through Season Pass 3. Following her release will be Leroy Smith, who is due out this winter. If you haven’t yet purchased Season Pass 3, you can get all the characters for $25 USD, or just $5 will be enough if you only care about Zafina. As a fan of Tekken, Zafina is one of my personal favorites and it’s great to see her return. Let us know who else you would like to see join the game in the comments.