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Y-Labs Magenta is one of 21 colors that can be unlocked for the Toona Fish skin in Fortnite Season 8. When players view the color in the Edit section of the locker, they can see Y-Labs Magenta Color Bottles are found at Misty Meadows. Of course, this is a large POI, so players might need some help in finding the exact Color Bottle spots.

Players need to look far and wide to unlock all of the Toona Fish colors. Not to mention it also has dozens of different styles that players can unlock with Rainbow Ink. It’ll take some time upgrading Toona Fish, but it’ll be a quick trip to Misty Meadows for Y-Labs Magenta, using this guide. Below, find out exactly where to find all three bottles to fully unlock the color option.

Finding Y-Labs Magenta Color Bottles in Fortnite

To begin this process, players can make their way to Misty Meadows at the southern part of the Season 8 map. This was one of the locations that didn’t change up much with the Season 8 update, so players should be able to navigate it fairly easily.

Once players are in Misty Meadows, they should look for a weapon or two. This ensures that no other enemy at the POI can secure an easy kill and stop the player from finding the Color Bottles. After players are geared up, they can begin looking for the three Color Bottles for Y-Labs Magenta in Fortnite. Their locations are shown in the below image, highlighted with a red circle.

Fortnite Y-Labs Magenta Color
The locations of all three Y-Labs Magenta Color Bottles in Fortnite | Provided by Epic Games

Players can find all three of the bottles on the roofs of the highlighted buildings. Once they’ve found each Color Bottle, they’ll have Y-Labs Magenta fully unlocked for Toona Fish in Fortnite Season 8.