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Félix “xQc” Lengyel is one of the most popular streamers in the world, but he got his start as an Overwatch pro. As such, he was one of a handful of content creators, journalists and pro players to be invited into Day 1 of the Overwatch 2 closed beta, which began on Tuesday.

During xQc’s stream of the beta, he gave his running impressions and answered his chat’s questions. Much of the broadcast was spent assuaging his chat’s concerns about the revamped first-person shooter from Activision Blizzard.

“It feels pretty good,” xQc said during his first match.

A tank main, xQc spent most of the stream experimenting with changes to the game’s tank heroes. Although xQc was one of a select few who was able to play Overwatch 2 in its alpha, even he was mostly unfamiliar with the very recent updates to Orisa and Doomfist (who was moved to the tank role from DPS.)

“Orisa’s not boring anymore,” xQc said. “It’s just not.”

Specifically, xQc seemed enamored with the new Doomfist. He spent most of his early matches on the hero, trying to discover new combos and experiment with his altered kit.

xQc Overwatch 2
xQc spent most of his Day 1 Overwatch 2 beta games experimenting with Doomfist. | Provided by xQcOW via Twitch.

The French-Canadian streamer also commented on a number of new quality of life features added to Overwatch 2. For example, he was enthused about the new scoreboard. He also mentioned that the game looks visually improved, at least on the highest graphical settings. Other changes, like the new pinging system, were less impressive.

“Yeah, you can ping now,” xQc said. “But the game is so quick and dynamic, people use comms. But it’s good that we have them.”

Right now the beta is limited to player versus player, but Overwatch 2 will also ship with an expanded player vs environment mode. xQc assured his audience that he is not just a “shill” and that he actually finds the less anticipated PvE mode to be a challenging and enjoyable experience.

“I like the PvE. The PvE is fun,” xQc said. “It’s underrated.”

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