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The Xbox Series X|S has been out for only a few days, but Microsoft is already calling this release the most successful in the console maker’s history. With this being the fourth generation of consoles from Microsoft, it’s no surprise that the gaming giant is selling consoles out worldwide.

Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer tweeted the announcement, stating that “more new consoles sold, in more countries, than ever before.” Spencer followed up by saying that Microsoft is working with retailers to resupply stores as quickly as possible. He did not provide a timeline on when more consoles would be available but it sounds like more should be coming soon. It also helps that the Xbox Series X|S launched in over 40 countries, while the Xbox One only launched in 13, give or take several because of localization delays.

A big day for Microsoft and the Xbox Series X|S

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad stated that the Xbox One sold more than 1 million consoles in the first 24 hours, which means that the Xbox Series X|S has already surpassed the Xbox One in sales. However, Microsoft has not shared any hard sales data so the exact number is unknown.

Spencer reaffirmed that they will not likely be sharing sales figures any time soon. “I can promise you that I won’t do that,” Spencer said in an interview with The Guardian. “In the last year we’ve had Google and Amazon and now Facebook announcing they’re coming into our gaming space. I’m not gonna go compete with their numbers based on how many Xbox Series X I’ve sold. [Google] is never gonna talk about how many Chromecast Pros they sold. They’re gonna talk about how many players they have.”

In a blog post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft stated that not only were more consoles sold than previous generations but also had the highest percentage of new players thanks to the Xbox Series S. Interestingly, thanks to the large catalog of games available on Game Pass, users played 3,594 different games across all Microsoft console generations.

For the time being, Spencer and Microsoft are focusing on games and the communities around it. “Great time for gaming right now; console launches, great games, the industry doing well. And Gaming continues to play [an] important social role as people are staying safe. Thank you [for] your love of gaming and support, it’s inspiring.”

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