MSI 2022 brings multiple massive viewership well before semifinals begin
MSI 2022 G2
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MSI 2022 brings multiple massive viewership well before semifinals begin

MSI 2022 is already on track to match or break 2021's viewership numbers

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational has continued the events trend of one million concurrent viewers while beating last year’s viewership according to EsportsCharts — all before the biggest matches of the tournament begin. Four matches at MSI 2022 have already hit one million concurrent viewers, with the T1 versus RNG as the largest one so far.

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Rumble stage improves from last year

MSI 2022 started off with plenty of fans watching some of the best League of Legends teams in the world compete. Even with that, the stats looked very similar to last year’s MSI, with aspects like hours watched and average viewers slightly down from last year. However, peak viewership has increased by 19%, breaking that one million viewer mark by just under 200,000.

Out of the top five matches that peaked in terms of viewership at MSI 2022, four of them featured T1. This ties into another stat from the tweet above — that there were about five thousand more Korean viewers than English ones for peak viewership. The T1 fans showed up in the viewership stats, representing their region a little more than the English ones for their teams.

However, while the MSI 2022 game with the highest peak viewership has not reached the peak of MSI 2021, the tournament is not over yet. The peak viewership of 1.8 million from MSI 2021 came from the grand finals, while MSI 2022’s peak of 1.1 million is just from Day 2 of the rumble stage. The semifinals are starting soon, with the grand finals in sight.

Comparing the stats from 2021 to 2022, MSI has the chance to break their own record in the finals this year. The best example is that the most popular match from the group stages last year reached 1.16 million concurrent viewers. While not by a lot, the T1 and RNG match passed that already.

The tournament continues with the first semifinal of RNG versus Evil Geniuses on Friday at 4 AM ET. Then, on Saturday,  Korea against EU kicks off with T1 versus G2 Esports at 4 a.m. ET.

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